Naps featuring Ninho on his next album, the clip is coming soon!

While you were invited to discover 3 tracks to remember on Larry’s first mixtape “Cité Blanche”, there is another rapper who will soon be back. This is Naps who is about to release his new album: VIP lounge, next February 28. But before that, it would seem that the Marseillais is preparing a surprise for its fans. Indeed, on the tracklist of his next album we recognized a lot of names including Maes, Vald, SCH or even Ninho who is currently on Marseille! Yes, the two rappers were spotted shooting a clip. Check out the images just below.

Thanks to the video we can hear the sound a little and in particular what seems to be the refrain with the voice of Ninho. In any case, at melty, we can’t wait to find out. We wish Naps that the clip works as well as its last “VIP lounge” which already has more than a million views in just a few days! And while waiting to have more information, we will now be interested in another artist also present on the next album of Naps: Vald who unveiled the clip of KESKIVONFER where he takes us behind the scenes of his tour. You’ll see, it’s full of exclusive images!


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