Hamza and Gazo have unveiled the clip for Drill FR 5.

For several weeks we have been really spoiled rap! Between Damso’s albums, PLK, Freeze Corleone … New singles, music videos … Our playlists are on top! And speaking of that, while Jul and the Organized 13 have unveiled the clip of the Star on the jersey with guest Didier Raoult, we are now going to talk about a collab ‘which made a lot of noise, it is about from that of Gazo and Hamza. If you are rap fans, you are bound to know that the two artists have collaborated together on “Drill FR 5”. Besides, the clip is available! On vLet us discover it just below and we’ll talk about it again in the rest of this article.

The clip was directed by Jonathan Lopez & Hugo Bembi and we don’t know what you think about it, but it feels like we’re in a cainri clip! Between the small gestu, the girls, the money and the big cars, we are clearly in the States. In any case, in the editorial of melty we strongly validate this featuring. Hopefully this is not the last time Hamza and Gazo have collaborated together! And while waiting to learn more on the subject, we invite you to rediscover the best US / France feat with Dosseh ft. Young Thug, Booba ft. Akon, Lacrim ft. Lil Durk and many other artists too.


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