GLK has just unveiled the music video for his song “Grillé” featuring 13 Block.

While we invited you to discover our music recap of the week with Bigflo & Oli who decided to take a break Aya Nakamura who is a hit internationally Kendji Girac who made his return with Mi Vida and many other news , we’re starting this new week with a featuring that you might hear about! Indeed, GLK released part 2 of his album “Undecided” and on it he recorded a feat with 13 Block. The song is called “Wire rack” and the clip is already available. We let you discover it just below if you missed it and we will talk about it again in the rest of this article.

The clip directed by Black Anouar takes us behind the scenes of the business managed by GLK and 13 Block. The 93 has struck again since it is a successful collaboration! Impossible to resist this instrument which gives us direct atmosphere, despite the rather dark lyrics. While waiting to see what GLK and 13 Block have in store for us in the future, we invite you to discover our review on the project everyone is talking about at the moment the first largely convincing album of 13 ‘Organized with Jul SCH Soprano Naps Alonzo and about fifty other Marseille artists. We strongly advise you to go listen to it!


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