This is the JRPG that was awaited by all fans of Final Fantasy: the remake of the seventh episode, undoubtedly the most appreciated. A game now down 40% on PS4, physical format!

PS4 players are inundated with great promotions in recent days, with recent games, physical format, experiencing significant drops. This is particularly the case with Doom Eternal, and its broken price, or the nice reduction on the equally fresh remake of Resident Evil 3. But today, it is another strong title of the PS4 that interests us, remake by Square Enix himself of episode 7 of Final Fantasy, a real monument for players and marketed on the first PlayStation. A remake that serves as the first part of the story and now down 40% on PS4.

Playstation 4

Final Fantasy VII remake

€ 41.99
Final Fantasy VII remake

As of this writing, on September 19 at 10 p.m., Final Fantasy VII remake is enjoying a 40% drop to drop its price from 69.99 to 41.99 euros on PlayStation 4, physical format. Because it’s always a little pleasure to have a game in your box! Not to mention that promotional codes are available at this address. Final Fantasy VII remake is the first part of a vast story, and a total graphic overhaul, a turn-based system replaced by more dynamic gameplay but still focused on strategy. Not to mention slight modifications to the scenario for a dantesque JRPG!


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