This is one of the games that will have marked the confinement, marketed on March 20. Doom Eternal is now on sale at only 18 euros on PC, in dematerialized format, below.

After Doom’s acclaimed reception in 2016, Id Software took it a step further with its sequel. A sequel called Doom Eternal and hailed by players and the press, with big sales despite a March 20 release, in full lockdown. An episode that goes further than its predecessor, with more varied environments, a few platforms, new weapons to be used under certain circumstances, allowing them to stand out, real management of resources, etc. And after a promotion for the PlayStation 4 version of Doom Eternal, now it’s the PC edition’s turn to take advantage of it!


Doom Eternal

€ 18.19
Doom Eternal

In dematerialized version on PC, Doom Eternal is now 18.19 euros as of this writing, September 22 at 6 p.m. Once the payment is made, you will receive a key to activate at Bethesda, publisher of the game. With this good plan, it is a nice reduction of 70% which is displayed for a Doom Eternal, usually offered at 59.99 euros. A game that promises hours of gaming, even more nervous than its predecessor, with the main campaign generous and full-bodied at times (not to mention the marauder) … Also on PC, OverWatch benefits from a generous drop, at the ‘actual hour.


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