Elizabeth Chambers, the ex-wife of Armie Hammer, made cash confidences on the regrets of her marriage to the actor.

After the charges of cannibalism and rape, a recently unreported murder was discovered in the family of Armie Hammer. Definitely, there seem to be a lot of stories to unearth from the actor’s side … One thing’s for sure, if there’s one who doesn’t regret his decision in the midst of this whole affair, it’s Elizabeth. Chambers. The ex-wife of the star Call Me By Your Name officially divorced the actor and today looks much more fulfilled without him. She even seems to be disgusted at having married Armie Hammer, if we are to believe her confidences revealed by a source at Vanity Fair ! A close friend said: “Elizabeth has told friends that although she is scared herself, she projects strength for the children and tries to find occasional humor in the dark.”

Exactly, Elizabeth chambers made a pungent joke regarding her marriage to Armie Hammer. His acquaintance revealed to the media: She joked to friends that the only thing that made sense to her, looking back on her marriage, was the Netflix movie with Zac Efron as Ted Bundy – Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. “ Clearly, the actor’s ex-wife was trying to make humor by comparing it with the story of a serial killer who killed many people during his life! A statement which proves how much Elizabeth Chambers regrets her marriage today … As for Armie Hammer, incredible revelations have been made on the influence that Timothée Chalamet could have had on his sexual practices.

Credit: Vanity Fair / Instagram @armiehammer


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