Warm up your vocal cords, we unveil the playlist of new products!

You know, Friday is the day of the release of our new music playlist. And this week again, we are heavy! We start very strongly with the reissue of Positions, Ariana Grande’s latest album. We choose “test drive” because we really like this title! We continue with the Niro / PLK collab on “Son 2”, the new hit by Wejdene “Reflect” and the very successful “Do it” by Jérémy Frérot. We warned you, there is something to listen to this week and it’s far from over! Do you already have a favorite sound in what we revealed to you?

We also added the new title of Reÿn, “Muses”. An ode to women and to femininity that feels good. Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato follow with “What other people say”, then we also find “Pyromaniac” the DTF, “Empty” the Luis Fonsi et Rauw Alejandro, “We both” of Flo Delavega et “The Riddle” by Silly Boy Blue! You will understand, there is something for everyone … In the rest of the musical news, we talk about the new EP of Rita Ora with Imanbek! A project that you will inevitably listen to on repeat for weeks …


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