After 3 months spent on the roads – including at Printemps de Bourges where we had found her – it is the end of the Les Failles Tour de Pomme tour. And what could be more symbolic than 3 dates at the Olympia? To end this beautiful parenthesis, Apple unveils an organic version of its title “anxiety”, then go on “I don’t know how to dance”, “streams” and the very beautiful “why death scares you”. Very attached to the work of Mylène Farmer, it is with a beautiful cover of “Disenchanted” that she finishes seducing the large crowd. Yes, Apple offers itself the luxury of filling 3 full Olympia … And that’s normal when you see the talent of the young woman on stage.

Apple at L'Olympia
Apple at L’Olympia – Credit (s): Getty, David Wolff – Patrick

In the rest of this captivating show, we (re) discover the very successful “the birds” or “What to please you”. The public takes heart and by heart “the sequoias” one of his most anticipated titles. As a reminder, Apple directly warns the public that it wants to avoid the awkward moment of waiting for the applause to come back and implores not to let it down … For more than an hour and a half, the room laughs, then cries , then sing … This is the strength of Apple: Sharing real moments of emotion. Cherry on the cake, she surprises everyone by inviting Angèle to share “grandiose” ! To conclude, it is with “sun sun”, the now cult “one minute”, “out of sight” and our favorite “We will burn”. A lovely moment out of time …


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