Angèle Salentino reveals for the first time all the cosmetic surgery operations she has had, and she has changed a lot!

Angèle Salentino of the holidays of the Angels 4 violently tackled Kevin Zampa with whom she is at war on her physique … And for the first time, the young woman revealed in an interview for Sam Zirah all the cosmetic surgery operations to which she had recourse to have his current physique! In this video that the editorial staff of melty invites you to discover just here, Angèle responds to all the rumors concerning her various interventions, and confirms having had her nose redone twice as well as injections in several places… Despite everything, she confirms that her cheekbones are natural!

Angèle has changed a lot since Les Marseillais vs the rest of the world!
Angèle has changed a lot since Les Marseillais vs the rest of the world! – Credit (s): W9

The young woman did not stop there and if her cheekbones are natural, she reveals to have had recourse to an ablation of the balls of bichat in order to refine her face. By hollowing out her cheeks, Angèle thus highlighted this part of her face that she loves so much … Finally, the candidate reveals that she did lipofeeling as Milla Jasmine had noticed, which she had never assumed before. Greg’s ex says her whole family has saddlebags, and that was the only way she could get rid of them! The young woman is not the only one to have experienced a real glow up, since Greg Yega of the Marseillais unveiled here a photo of him where he is transformed …

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