On social networks, Amir announced in song that he wanted to take a break from his career.

While Taylor Swift invited Shawn Mendes on the remix of “Lover”, Amir said he wanted to take a break from his career. Since he became a father in February 2019, the 30-year-old singer revealed in The Voice on TF1 had already lifted his foot a bit after the release of his albums In the heart of me and Addictions. On social networks, he posted a video in which he performs an original song he wrote with Nazim, a songwriter who has worked with many artists. A way to make his fans understand that he needs to breathe and take advantage of his loved ones after crazy years of singing everywhere in France.

In legend, Amir opened his heart and wrote: “Tonight we say goodbye” before adding: “It’s been 6 years already that you have been there as a daily force and that I have the chance to fulfill with and through you my most beautiful dreams … I think back to meetings, concerts, awards, exchanges, to the albums, to our team, to your surprises, your comments, your support. I wanted to sum up in a single song our crazy story together (…) Now, I’m disappearing, I need to realize and write the next chapter of our story. I’ll hear from you sometimes, and give you too “. A goodbye which is therefore not a farewell but which will cause a lot of pain for all those who appreciate his work … In the rest of the music news, Ademo of the group PNL has teased an original sound entitled “Liberate”.


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