Alix and Maëva Ghennam reconciled? A video says it all and to find out, it’s in this article.

We told you about it on melty, lately, Alix revealed which part of her body was the most complex. Speaking of the young woman, know that many Internet users are wondering if she is again in a relationship since her breakup with Benjamin Samat. But, unfortunately for them, the former reality TV contestant remains very secretive when it comes to her private life. Moreover, this is not the only question that fans of the young woman are asking! Indeed, some wonder about his current relationship with Maëva Ghennam. Remember, a few months ago, the two young women were cold for many reasons. But since then, water has flowed under the bridges and many wonder if they have reconciled. But then, what about their current relationship?

Maëva Ghennam and Alix
Maëva Ghennam and Alix – Credit (s): Instagram alix_dmx

From what we can see from the video above shared on Snapchat by Maëva Ghennam, the two young women seem to have reconciled. Indeed, the candidate of Marseillais in Dubai invited to her home Camille Froment in order to discover Zélyana, his daughter. But, during this meeting, there was also Alix, who has just been violently tackled by Mathieu. And you only have to hear the enthusiasm of Greg’s former girlfriend in the video to understand that she is very happy to find the candidate of the Princes and Princesses of love 4 as well as the young mother. This therefore proves that Maëva Ghennam and Alix have reconciled and this news is likely to please the fans of the duo.

Credits: Snapchat: maevaa.ghennam
Other files: Maeva Ghennam, The Princes and Princesses of Love 4, The Marseillais in Dubai


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