We were able to meet rapper Thabiti, he told us about his next mixtape, his title Maeva Ghennam, his participation in 13 Organized … You can discover it right here.

Stable is a rapper from Marseille who hit hard with his title “Maeva Ghennam” which has exceeded 10 million views on Youtube. We were also able to discover the artist during the 13 Organized project led by JUL. Melty’s editor therefore went to meet this young talent and we were able to ask him all our questions. Thabiti returned to the success of his song on Maeva Ghennam who was recently trapped by Marie S’Infiltre and announced that he was filing a complaint, but not only! We discussed his album Comorian-Corsican which will be released on April 9, its feat with Alonzo, and JUL, besides they both unveiled the solar clip of their featuring with Naps “La Selection”. And we even managed to nab some exclusive info!

melty: Hello Thabiti, you will soon release your project entitled “Comorien-Corse”, can you tell us more?

Thabiti (rapper): The project comes out on April 9, it’s my first mixtape so it’s going to be a bit of my calling card. It’s a project based on my influences, my city. Comorian-Corsican it is compared to my mixture of culture, there are several sounds, there can be reggeaton sounds, a little African, even English and especially a French rap format.

melty: In this new album, you share a title with Alonzo, how did this collaboration come about?

Stable: It’s been a long time since we had to make a sound with Alonzo. We sent each other small productions, ideas, topics to discuss etc. Until the day I had a bit of a melancholy instrument and I heard Alonzo’s voice in my head. I emailed him, he was hot and he put down the verse. It kills to work with him, he’s someone who has experience, even for the story he gave me two or three tips, how to talk about it, explain it etc.

melty: You also participated in the 13 Organized project of JUL, can you tell us about your experience?

Stable: It’s a big project, I’m proud to have taken part in it, it taught me a lot of tricks, it gave me a lot of strength. I wouldn’t say that’s what allowed me to find myself, but it worked. It was a huge visibility, I did not know what people preferred me in and 13 Organized allowed me to see what the French prefer about me.

melty: Did you already know JUL before he invited you for this project?

Stable: I knew his cousin Babyboy, after JUL yes I had already seen him in the studio but I had never really collaborated with him. I knew him in fashion, we are in Marseille everyone knows each other, everyone listens to each other. He’s a hard-working person, very focused, he wants to do things clean, he’s a bit of a perfectionist. Today is the blood, we are very, very close so stay tuned for the future!

melty: With whom would you dream of collaborating?

Stable: My dream would be a star like Drake. His last album is crazy, I love his title “What’s Next”. I’ve been around for a long time and I think my style color is closer to his. He’s an artist who can kick as much as he can sing, and it’s the same for me, I really like both. He inspires me a lot in my music.

melty: Your title “Maeva Ghennam” hit on Youtube, you expected such success?

Stable: I expected a little buzz but not such a success. Before the sound came out it was already all the rage on the networks with Maeva Ghennam who shared it all the time but when it came out I did not expect so many views. When I started composing this music I knew I wanted to put Michael Jackson’s topline on it, the lottery one. (laughs) and from there the name of Maeva came to my mind, it was more of a delirium than anything at first. I didn’t know her, but I was often told about her. Maeva Ghennam is a topical person, THE person of 2021 in France. Since then we met and we became very close, we had a good feeling, she invited me to parties, she introduced me to her family etc.

melty: A word for the readers of melty?

Stable: Yes sir it’s Thabiti on melty, big up, force, my project Comorian-Corsican released on April 9, go listen to it!

Credit: melty
Other files: Drake


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