Adele unveils an excerpt from Easy on me, her next track

While Stromae is officially back with 3 concert dates, Adele is also preparing her comeback! After having teased by projecting on several monuments around the world the figure 30 (which would be the title of the album) we finally know more about the singer’s new project … To promote her return, Adele hosted a live Instagram. For almost 40 minutes, she answered all kinds of questions but also said a little more about a new song. which will be released on Friday: “Easy on me” by revealing an excerpt from the title. You can find it from 38min02!

So, what do you think ? From the first notes of the song, the reactions on the live Instagram were not long in coming … We really like the lyrics of “Easy on me” : “There ain’t no gold in this river / That I’ve been washing my hands in forever / I know there is hope in these waters / But I can’t bring myself to swim / When I am drowning in the silence / Baby, let me in” We can’t wait to discover the full title on Friday … We’ll talk about it again very soon! In the rest of the musical news, we tell you about Justin Bieber who has just unveiled the new touching clip of “Ghost”, his latest single!


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