The Umbrella Academy: Is the romance between Hazel and Agnes a good idea?

Was The Umbrella Academy showrunner right to integrate a romance between Hazel and Agnes? Will she be in danger in season 2? What there is to know.

Netflix has just released the broadcast date for season 2 of The Umbrella Academy and fans can’t wait! For this next burst of episodes, comic book fans hope to find many winks to the original work, which Steve Blackman (executive producer and screenwriter) was very inspired. If most of the intrigue conforms to the original comics, the showrunner has modified a key element: the treatment of the secondary characters Hazel (Cameron Britton) and Cha-Cha (Mary J Blige). Originally, these two time commissioners are two emotionless brutes whose sole mission is to kill Five. In the Netflix series, Steve Blackman wanted to give them more depth. He is particularly interested in Hazel, who begins an unlikely love affair with Agnes, a donut seller 20 years older. What to think of this romance? How will it be treated in the future?

Hazel and Cha-Cha

First, it would have been a shame to leave out two such interesting characters. In the comics, Hazel and Cha-Cha are dehumanized: they wear a mask of cartoon characters and are two heartless brutes who kill automatically. In the Netflix series, Hazel questions herself and dreams of a better life. He then meets Agnes, and says he is ready to leave everything to live a beautiful love story by his side. Inevitably dependent on her teammate, Cha-Cha will have no choice but to understand Hazel. She will therefore also show more empathy and reveal a softer side of her personality.

Hazel and Agnes in The Umbrella Academy

If the love story between Hazel and Agnes is one of the most interesting side plots of The Umbrella Academy, it was not unanimously approved by the teams when Steve Blackman presented it: “I think love has no age, but people have told me that there is too big a difference in years between the two. I remember asking them to imagine the opposite. People wouldn’t have said anything. So why not do it? ” Always with CBR, he added wanting to show new facets of Hazel: “I wanted Hazel to change lanes and stop being that killer for a really good reason. I wanted him to fall in love but it was special”. And in reality, it’s a very good thing for Hollywood. The classic pattern of a young woman with an older man is upset and it feels good.

Agnes in The Umbrella Academy

Steve Blackman therefore did well to dare to shock with the age difference between Agnes and Hazel, because basically, it does not matter. What to expect from this romance in the rest of the episodes? According to Cameron Britton, Hazel will have to take extreme care of Agnes in this future season. Will they be in danger? This tells us at least that Hazel will be one of the villains back in this season 2 of The Umbrella Academy !


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