Neverly (Les Princes 5) and Laro still in a relationship after filming? We have the answer

It has now been more than a week since W9 decided to deprogram season 5 of princes and princesses of love. The reason ? The audiences were catastrophic! A historic choice for the channel which had never before stopped broadcasting in this way. Luckily for fans of the show, they can continue to follow it on 6Play as well as Salto. And precisely, the adventure is currently coming to an end. It is time for the candidates who have come to find love to make their final choice. And we warn you, there are many surprises, even if these are the final episodes.

First of all, know that Léana now has 3 suitors and even if she had a crush on Kelegh, she intends to get to know them. For his part, Antoine welcomed Fanny and the looks do not deceive: there is indeed something going on between them. At the same time, Mathias has chosen to keep Kamélia and the chemistry seems to be there. And it wasn’t Noah’s marriage proposal to Beverly that chilled hearts. Quite the contrary! This made princes and princesses really want to find their soul mate and be at least as happy as them. Whether they will succeed remains to be seen.

Neverly and Laro still together?

But then, what about Neverly? The young woman is currently hesitating between Laro and Bilonga. Everyone has a little something that touches them particularly. But hard not to imagine that the pretty brunette will not end up choosing Laro at the end of the program. Indeed, they have been extremely close since the beginning. They kissed and they even slept together. Suffice to say that their bond is strong. But then, are they still a couple now that the shooting is over? According to the claims of Debrief.TVR_, this would not be the case: “After the shooting, it was already over. Currently, Neverly is in close contact with her ex, Marvin. To see if they get back together.”

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