Maeva separated from Greg, she tackles him and it’s violent

Between Maeva Ghennam and Greg, nothing is going right! Yesterday for Valentine’s Day, it turns out that the pretty brunette spent the evening with Akram, her best friend and assistant. And the latter did not do things by halves, since he filled the trunk of Maeva Ghennam’s car with roses. He also gave her a watch from a major luxury brand. And that’s not all ! They then spent the night in a large hotel. And obviously, Greg didn’t like it at all. On his social networks, he then declared that it was better to be alone than in bad company! A message which is most certainly intended for Maeva Ghennam…

And Greg’s story quickly made Maeva Ghennam react. On her social networks, she then took a picture with Akram in a bed. And she writes: “We don’t give a fuck. We are together in life and in death. Only death separates us. We need no one apart from us 2 !!!!!!! And me , I am very well accompanied with my son, hihi”. You will have understood it well: if Maeva Ghennam does not quote Greg, he is more than targeted by his message! For the moment, Bebew has not reacted to the young woman’s tackle…

Maeva Ghennam and Greg, a fake couple?

Inevitably, this breakup, which occurs exactly on Valentine’s Day, revives rumors of a fake couple… For some time, rumors say that Maeva Ghennam and Greg would not really be together. He figured they’d pretend to be for TV and make the buzz. Rumors that had never been denied, or even confirmed by the two main parties. In any case, what is certain is that this break must make Mélanie Orl laugh. Moreover, the latter intends to swing on Greg and Maeva Ghennam during the broadcast of the Marseillais in Mexico … The problems are therefore far from over!

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Léna (Les Princes 5) madly in love with Adil Rami to the point of stopping reality TV? We know more

A big blow. This is how the candidates of Princes and Princesses of love 5 took the sudden stop of the show on W9. Despite the clearly insufficient audiences, Internet users and viewers still had the joy of witnessing the formation of several couples, including Léna and Adrien, who left the adventure together. If many bet on this duo, it unfortunately did not last outside and the break was inevitable. But let the fans be reassured, the pretty brunette has since found a smile in the arms of an athlete you all know.

Yes, it is indeed Adil Rami who is currently playing in the Estac club in Troyes. And while Léna had left on the set of The Villa of Broken Hearts 7 in the Dominican Republic to solve a love problem and benefit from the help of Lucie Mariotti, the latter hastily left the adventure. The reason ? One person in particular he missed a lot according to blogger Vaarruecos. This person is Adil Rami. A gesture which also suggests that the young woman could quite stop reality TV for love.

Does Léna plan to return to La Villa des Coeurs Brisés?

While a user asks Vaarruecos during a new question and answer session on Instagram whether or not Léna could return to La Villa des Coeurs Brisés, the blogger answers with certainty: “No, Léna should not come back during the adventure of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés” before adding about his relationship with the professional footballer: “She is in a strong lease with the football player Adil Rami who even wants, according to my information, to introduce Léna to her family! It’s love to love!”. As you will have understood, things move quickly for the reality TV candidate and the sportsman and it is not certain that we will see Léna again in another program anytime soon.

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Romane (10 couples 5) and Anthony Matéo really separated? She takes the floor

Panic for fans of 10 perfect couples! While all the lovers were celebrating Valentine’s Day last night, Anthony Matéo and Romane worried their fans. Thus, while the two bulldogs have outright deleted their respective photos on social networks. A gesture that has given rise to many rumors. Indeed, some bloggers have even claimed that the two candidates had separated because of a history of deception. Something to shock the most loyal admirers of the duo. But then, what happened to make the couple decide to spend the lovers’ day far from each other?

Romane has decided to break the silence and reveal everything to her subscribers: “Regarding the stories of some bloggers who speak without knowing…I’ve seen talk of ‘cheating’ outright. It’s going way too far. I’m still with Anthony, I’m still in our house. We had an argument like all couples. I’m impulsive and limitless as you see on TV but that’s no reason to speak for us, to say that we broke up and especially for completely false reasons. For the greatest misfortune for some and some, I am still with Anthony and it will not change.

Anthony Matéo gave Romane a bag for Valentine’s Day

She concludes with these words: “Sorry for you. Go bye!” That is very clear. For his part, the blogger Aqababe shared a story in which he confirms that the couple is indeed together and that Anthony even offered a Gucci bag to Romane. Information that the pretty blonde immediately confirmed by sharing this story. One thing is certain, the fans will not be surprised as the young woman has already proven in the episodes of 10 perfect couples that she was very impulsive when it came to love. We are therefore not at the end of our surprises.

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Capucine Anav changes her life: the ex-columnist of TPMP makes a surprise announcement

At 30, Capucine Anav feels ready to have a child. In any case, this is what she confided during a FAQ in December 2021: “I would love to go back to a film in 2022 and why not make my debut in a series… And personally, I would like to start a mini-me.” In a relationship with Victor, whom she does not display too much on social networks, the former columnist of Do not touch My TV is building a solid future. Moreover, on Valentine’s Day, the young woman made a surprise announcement to her subscribers on her Instagram account.

“And now it’s official, Prince Charming exists!” wrote Nasturtium Anav in the caption of a photo in which she wears a pretty engagement ring. “I no longer believed in it and yet I am officially announcing it to you: 2023 will be the year of my marriage to the man of my dreams. I was waiting for Valentine’s Day, the feast of lovers, to share with you this news that changed my life. No need to hide anymore, it was not easy to keep the secret because I share everything with you. You are now going to share with me the accomplishment of one of the most beautiful days of my life. A video is coming very soon to also introduce you for the first time, officially, my PRINCE I will be yours for the rest of my life.

Capucine Anav: Internet users are delighted for her

Capucine Anav is about to change her life by marrying the man of her life. In the comments, Internet users reacted en masse: “Congratulations to both of you! I’m waiting to hear how he proposed to you”, “Congratulations all this happiness you deserve it”, “Congratulations on this wonderful news”, “Ohlala but I’m so happy for you. I wish you lots of happiness in this new chapter of your lives”, “Happy Valentine’s Day congratulations you deserve it, lots of happiness kisses”, “What lovely news! Congratulations”.

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Christina Milian in bomb: her super CUTE photo with Matt Pokora for Valentine’s Day

If things are deteriorating at high speed between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and that the latter are waging an endless battle on social networks following their divorce, this is certainly not the case for Matt Pokora and Christina Milian. Rather discreet, the two artists lead a quiet life between Paris and Los Angeles and are today more in love than ever. You only have to see them on Instagram to understand that they are made to be together. As proof, their latest publication did not fail to crack internet users.

After having celebrated together the victory of the Los Angeles Rams during the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 13, 2022 at home with a group of friends, the two lovers found themselves as a duo for celebrate valentine’s day. For the occasion, Matt Pokora published an adorable snapshot of the couple with the caption: “Valentine. Very nice girl, I think we will have kids together” followed by a red heart. For her part, Christina has published a series of photos where she poses accompanied by her darling: “I knew the second I laid my eyes on you. I’m yours. Happily ever after my Valentine.”

Pretty declarations of love validated by Internet users

Obviously, many Internet users have not resisted the urge to leave a comment under the publications of Christina Milian and Matt Pokora as they are happy to see them flourish together: “Great couple. Be happy for a long time”, “Truly beautiful both of you”, “Happy Valentine’s Day to you both”, “You really are the cutest together”, “What a beautiful couple”, “The Dream Relationship”“You form a real and pleasant couple. I love you”, “Full of happiness to you” could we read in particular. Only good feedback that will go straight to the heart of the two main concerned.

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Greg separated from Maeva, he confirms

Rumors have been circulating for days … Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega would form a fake couple since the filming of Marseilles in Mexico. “Maeva and Greg are in a fake couple! said the blogger @shayaratv before adding: “Let me explain. Maeva has been in a relationship in Dubai with a guy for a long time! It’s from a reliable source and she’s with Greg just for a “tv couple”, they agreed on that. But Maeva is good in a relationship with her guy in Dubai but for the buzz and the fame it’s better to say that she is with Greg”. Since then, the reality TV candidate has denied. But a new twist, since February 14, 2022, Valentine’s Day, Greg Yega has announced that he is separated from his darling.

In his Instagram story, the young man gave no explanation and simply wrote the following sentence: “Better to be alone than badly accompanied… Buonanotte les Bebew”. For her part, Maeva Ghennam still celebrated Valentine’s Day, but with her best friend Akram. The latter did not do things by halves because the pretty brunette was entitled to a car filled with roses and luxurious gifts before a meal in a gourmet restaurant before sleeping in a sublime overpriced suite in Dubai. Thus, she will remember this lovers’ day for a long time, even if she was no longer with her companion!

Greg Yega and Maeva Ghennam again in crisis

But what happened between the lovebirds? Will they be able to get through this new crisis? Greg Yega, who found his ex Mélanie Orl in The Marseillais in Mexico, had recovered with Maeva Ghennam during the adventure. Moreover, the images will soon be available since the show is about to start on W9! From February 21, 2022, viewers will finally be able to find out everything by watching the episodes of the new season.

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TPMP: Gilles Verdez deceived by his partner? He begins to doubt in full live and makes a big announcement

Today is Valentine’s Day and on the Touche Pas à Mon Poste set, love was in the spotlight. Cyril Hanouna wanted to know the program of the columnists. He then expected an ultra romantic evening from Gilles Verdez. But against all expectations, he revealed that he was alone… It turns out that Fatou, his partner, flew to Senegal last Friday to settle some administrative papers. So he finds himself all alone for Valentine’s Day. And for Cyril Hanouna and the chroniclers, the story is a bit shady… They then wonder if Fatou really left for the reasons she announced!

And for all the columnists, Fatou did not go to Senegal to settle administrative papers. Faced with the doubt of his comrades, Gilles Verdez began to ask himself questions. He then said: “You put me in doubt. I was very happy. We had planned a Valentine’s Day by Facetime evening (…) I’m kidding yellow (…) I have no reason to doubt”. So, just to find out more about this hasty departure to Senegal, Cyril Hanouna decided to call Fatou live!

“I had to leave because I absolutely had to be there. And with Gilles, Valentine’s Day is every day (…) February 14 means nothing to us. Gilles knows perfectly well what I came to do (…) I am preparing the wedding in Senegal (…) You have been waiting for it for years, so everyone should come”, said Fatou! And for once, all the columnists fell from above! Gilles Verdez then spoke with a lot of emotions about this wedding which will soon take place in Dakar. We remind you that he made his request on the set of TPMP during a special Valentine’s Day evening … A request that took place a few years ago!

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Victoria criticized after her breakup with Bastos, she gives a big rant

It is very sad news that Victoria and Bastos announced last weekend, as they made their split official. On his social networks, the young man notably confided: “Guys, we didn’t break up. It’s just that there was nothing to break up. She told me straight up when I got back and we started seeing each other again. She didn’t plans more with me, she doesn’t see a future with me (…) It very quickly became a very dark day again, a very rosy day. I want with her, it’s not to see each other once in a while, to have no commitment. I want to build something”.

For her part, Victoria also expressed herself on her social networks. And it was in tears that she announced her breakup with Bastos: “He left my house just now because we simply don’t get along anymore. It doesn’t work (…) We decided to distance ourselves and not see each other anymore. And we We’ll see if it’s better like that. Well, I don’t know what else to tell you (…) At least it’s done and you know everything”.

Victoria criticized after announcing her split with Bastos

And right after announcing this separation, Victoria promoted a lingerie brand. She then clarified that she had recorded the videos before this breakup. Despite everything, Internet users found that she was not sad enough to be able to make product placements. Victoria then pushed a rant on Instagram where she declared: “Because I’m releasing my pre-recorded collaboration, am I not sad enough for you? Excuse me, but I can’t completely let go and give up my work just because I’m sad (… ) You are tough. Don’t forget that there are humans behind the screens”. That is what is said!

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Carla Moreau again pregnant with Kevin Guedj? This photo sows doubt

The love story of Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau has made a lot of noise since his debut in South Africa with The people of Marseilles. Indeed, the young man was unfaithful many times to the pretty blonde. That’s how he got his nickname “the Jaguar”. But for some time, the candidates seem to be spinning the perfect love. As proof, they welcomed their first daughter, Ruby and recently married, surrounded by their loved ones. First of all they have celebrated their union in Marseille then they organized a huge party in Courchevel and seem more united than ever. But today they are victims of a new rumor.

Indeed, it may well be that Carla Moreau either again pregnant from her husband Kevin Guedj. If the reality TV candidate had announced that she wanted to wait for a second child, a photo circulates and sows doubt in the minds of Internet users on a potential pregnancy. Indeed, in this photo, relayed by bloggers, we see a pregnancy test Clearblue. Could this be a sign that Carla Moreau will soon welcome a second child? Internet users reacted a lot to this photo. Although the young woman has not confirmed anything, it may well be that she is pregnant again.

Carla Moreau pregnant for the buzz?

Also according to bloggers, Carla Moreau would simply have a desire for pregnancy for the buzz. As one of them reports: “Carla and her pregnancy tests at the end of the story: the return. That’s it, her marriage made too much noise, it’s more interesting now, we’re going back to pregnancies. Normal that your husband buys you pregnancy tests”. So is the young married couple really expecting a child, or are they riding the wave? As a reminder, they are also likely to participate in the next season of the show. Moms & Famous. Maybe another way for them to gain even more visibility, after a highly relayed wedding on social networks.

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Illan in the middle of a bad buzz after the rumor of false paternity, Léna reacts and it’s violent

Instead of making himself small, Illan continues to make the buzz on social networks. After being accused ofsexual assault on a young underage woman and singled out for having been in a relationship with Isabeau in The Princes and Princesses of Love 5the candidate attempted to orchestrate false paternity. Indeed, a mother shared with several bloggers a voice conversation she had with the latter. In these messages, we can notably hear Illan asking this stranger to make believe that they had a child together. The candidate’s goal? Discredit bloggers and make people forget their past scandals.

However, by dint of chaining the controversies, Illan annoys. Starting with his ex-girlfriend Léna who hastened to declare in her Instagram stories: “So then…this morning I received a video where the other truffle planned to invent false paternities to fool the bloggers. As you know, and I have never hidden it, there is some bloggers that I get along with so I sent it to 1 so that he knows and doesn’t get fooled, the video being serious, the blogger in question published the vocal. ‘other moron knows who sent the video and he displays this mom by inventing deceptions’.

Léna violently tackles Illan

Angry at Illan’s actions, Léna was not a dead hand and certainly did not hesitate to put him in his place while defending the mother that the candidate displayed: “Illan, we know that your life is the buzz and you proved it again today but be nice and let people in their lives, because this mom she is in real life in fact, not in the show. It would be really nice to respect women once in your life and stop taking people for idiots”. Decidedly, the ex of Isabeau has not finished making enemies.

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