WandaVision: Evan Peters cast in a key role, will he resume his role as Quicksilver (X-Men)?

Evan Peters has apparently joined the WandaVision team in a key role. Could he resume his role as Quicksilver?

While we look forward to discovering the WandaVision series that could arrive at the end of the year on Disney +, we learn today that Evan Peters has apparently secretly joined the cast and therefore the Marvel Studios family. If the character he will play has not yet been confirmed, we already know that it is an important role and it was enough for fans who are already thinking about the role of Quicksilver. As you know, the latter is none other than Wanda’s brother who has been interpreted by two different actors in recent years: Aaron Taylor-Johnson for the MCU and Evan Peters for the X-Men (Fox at the time).

Will Wanda be surprised to find her brother?

Could the arrival of Evan Peters as Quicksilver for WandaVision represent the first official crossover between the world of mutants and that of the MCU? If this is the case, will there be an explanation for the change in appearance of the young man and especially for his resurrection? Of course, it’s quite possible that Pietro stays where we last saw him and that Evan Peters joins the series in a completely different and new role. One thing is certain, the WandaVision series has intrigued fans since the first preview offered by Disney + last February, and we can’t wait to find out what rumors will come true!


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