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Over the years, the Spanish series One, back, very knew how to mark hearts and minds. The pitch? A group of young students enter Carmen Arranz’s performing arts school in Madrid. A way for them to learn more about this difficult profession, but also to meet people who will remain forever engraved in their memory. And it was in 2002, for six seasons, that fans were able to discover the endearing characters of Lola, Pedro, Sylvia, Roberto and Ingrid. Without counting on Marta or even the teachers, Adela, Diana, Juan and many others ! Another element that made the program vibrate: the love stories.

In fact, who says One, back, very, also known as idylls. Fans were in fact marked by the romances of the Spanish series. We will notably mention the passionate couple formed by Sylvia and Roberto. Or the undeniable romance of Lola and Pedro, which have been circling around since the very first episode. Unfortunately, at the risk of disappointing the public, the performers of the latter, Pablo Puyol and Beatriz Luengo didn’t take their love story into real life. In fact, the two actors have never been a couple, to the great dismay of fans of the show which has become cult. The actress who plays Lola finally made her life with another actor in the series, who is none other than… Yotuel Romero ! Namely, the interpreter of Paulyoung Cuban attractive in One, back, very. The two Spanish stars are now the happy parents of two children and continue to live their love in broad daylight.

Roberto and Sylvia, as a couple behind the cameras of Un, dos, tres!

On the other hand, on the side of Roberto and Sylvia, that’s a whole different story. In fact, their interpreters, Miguel Angel Munoz and Monica Cruz lived a romance behind the camerasOne, back, very between 2001 and 2004. Unfortunately, this story ended after a few years of love, to the great despair of fans of the Spanish series. Despite everything, the two actors have remained very friends and very close since. Viewers will also be able to find them on screen this Thursday, November 16 on W9 since they both appear in the reboot of the show: Un, dos, tres: New Generation (UPA Next). Concerning Pablo Puyolalias Pedro, although he did not get hold of Beatriz Luengo (Lola), there is another actress in the series who managed to seduce him. To know Dafne Fernandez, aka Marta in the series. The two actors stayed together for a few months before separating. As for the secondary characters, we can also mention Erika Sanz. The actress became a couple with Junior Miguel on the set of the series. Ah, love is beautiful!

Beatriz Luengo: the Spanish star’s regrets regarding the sequel to Un, dos, tres Follow us

In the 2000s, the series One, back, very was a real hit. The Spanish series, which starred Monica Cruz, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Pablo Puyol, Silvia Marty or Beatriz Luengo, followed the adventures of apprentice artists in a dance and singing school. In France, the success was immediate and fans were able to follow their heroes over the course of six seasons. In the series One, back, very, Beatriz Luengo played Lola: a shy young womanbut very talented in dancing and singing, determined to become a star.

Eighteen years after the series One, back, veryfans will find the characters they loved so much. Indeed, the sequel to the Spanish television series will take over our screens from November 16. In One, back, tres: new generation (W9), we find Monica Cruz, Miguel Ángel Muñoz and Beatriz Luengo. However, not all the former actors are in the game. A fact about which the interpreter of Lola spoke, during an interview given to Audience this November 10.

Beatriz Luengo expresses some regrets

Beatriz Luengo regretted the fact that all those who made the success ofOne, back, very do not appear in the following. She actually deplored the absence of Pablo Puyol, Silvia Marty in this sequel. “I think it’s a shame. The public was really waiting to see us all again”she told Audience. She also added: “Obviously, Pablo wanted to be there, but the production thought that between the intrigues of the old characters and those of the new ones, there was no time to bring everyone back.”

She also specified that the episodes were “shorter than before”. A reason that may explain why not all the old ones are back. However, she was delighted to have collaborated with young and new actors. “They are all very talented and friendly. They ask a lot of questions about our experience. They want the elders to tell them their feats of armsit’s funny “, she said during the interview.

Un, Dos, Tres: the new generation spin-off is finally arriving on W9! Follow us

One, Back, Very, it’s THE favorite Spanish series of the French. Cult show from the 2000s, it was rebroadcast for several years by the M6 ​​group. And the series is now preparing to offer us a brand new spin-off: Un, Dos, Tres: New generation (also called UPA Next). Salto, a former SVOD platform, first offered fans a burst of six episodes to present the new characters. But also, the three elders from our adolescence: Roberto, Sylvia and Lola. It’s been fifteen years since they left Carmen Arranz’s school. And for a very promising musical comedy, the former friends reunite in the academy where they grew up, surrounded by new traveling companions.

After the closure of Salto, it’s on 6Play Max thatUn, Dos, Tres: New generation had made his entrance. A hard blow for fans who were not subscribed to the platform. But let them rest assured! They will now be able to discover the spin-off on television, and in French version. It’s here W9 chain who will offer from the next Thursday, November 16, from 9:05 p.m., the continuation of the adventures of Lola, Sylvia and Roberto. During this exceptional evening, four episodes will be offered to the public. For the rest, you will then have to wait until November 23. So looking forward to it? To tease you a little… Lola became a mother of two little girls since her beginnings with Carmen Arranz. And no, to the greatest despair of fans, it’s not Pedro the father! For his part, Sylvia resumed the torch by becoming director of the establishment. As for Roberto, always true to himself, he continued his solo career before embarking on a musical comedy project with his former comrades. It is desirable, no ?

Un, Dos, Tres, an event series!

Over the years, One, Back, Very knew how to mark the minds of an entire generation. The endearing characters of Sylvia, Lola, Pedro, Roberto and Ingrid entered the hearts of the French never to leave again. So much so that their adventures brought together more than 2 million viewers for season 6 in first broadcast on M6. A real success, especially among young people since around one in two young people, aged 15 to 24, were in front of their screen during the fourth season. A great record that no Spanish series has held until now. It is therefore quite natural that fans were impatiently waiting to be able to watch the spin-off, New Generation special, free of charge and without constraint. It’s now possible! From the next Thursday November 16the event series is back on W9.