Pam & Tommy: Will Pamela Anderson watch the series? His cash response

Have you watched Pam & Tommy? The series aired on Hulu and Disney+ returns to the setbacks of the star couple of the 90s, formed by actress Pamela Anderson and rocker Tommy Lee. And the least we can say is that the series is much talked about! It must be said that she returns to the sometimes very dark tumults that the lovers have gone through. Before they arrived at the divorce in 1998… However, everything was not always so dark between them! When they first started, the lovebirds were madly in love with each other. And they did not hesitate to display their passion in broad daylight. But it is perhaps this media exposure that got the better of them…

Because yes, in the 90s, everyone only had eyes for the two sulphurous lovers. After meeting Tommy Lee in a Hollywood club, Pamela Anderson chained exhibitions in the press. The pretty blonde was already on the rise, since she was making the buzz thanks to her role in Baywatch. But his very provocative couple formed with Tommy Lee only increased the sometimes unhealthy curiosity of the crowds. The actress and the band’s drummer Motley Crue did not shrink from any excess, and the press asked for more. Until the day when one of their sextape was broadcast without their knowledge all over the world…

Pamela will never watch the Pam & Tommy series!

It is mainly to this event that the Pam & Tommy series. Deeply affected by this trauma, Pamela Anderson will go through very complicated years, before divorcing her violent husband in 1998. And this is undoubtedly the reason why the pretty blonde has made it clear that she will never watch the series she is the subject of! A friend of the star explained to the American magazine Entertainment Weekly than Pamela “will never, ever watch this. Not even in several years. Not even the trailer. “. This has the merit of being clear … But given the pain felt by the actress following this scandal, it can be understood!

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