Victoria and Bastos separated, they formalize and speak

End clap between Victoria and Bastos ! The two candidates of Marseille vs the rest of the world 6 have broken again. While their fans thought that their reconciliation during the New Year had made it possible to resolder their bonds once and for all, it is not so. Between them, things are still just as complicated, especially because of the distance. On social networks, the young man was the first to speak up to justify this painful choice.. On February 13, 2022, he said: “Friends, we didn’t break up, it’s just that there was nothing to break up. Because she told me straight up when I came back and we started seeing each other again. She didn’t plans more with me, she doesn’t see a future with me.”

The YouTuber added: “We started seeing each other like that again, just for fun and for a while it was fine because we weren’t thinking, we disconnected our brains. And then it very quickly became a black day, a pink day And I really veiled my face, because I live with her, it’s not to see each other once in a while, to have no commitment and to live like that. to build something. We’re not the same age, it’s true. She may not be ready for that. And anyway, I can’t manage to make her happy enough for it to work. “

Victoria Mehault in tears on Instagram

Bastosfatalistic, concluded: “I thought I had found the woman of my life, I fought like in the movies, no matter how. Life is not a movie. When something doesn’t work, no matter how much we love each other, madness, together, when it doesn’t work and when it makes you unhappy, well it makes you unhappy, and nothing should make you unhappy. So we stop there and then I hope it’s going to be fine for her.” Victoria Mehault reacted shortly after in her Instagram story. “He left my house just now because we simply don’t get along anymore. It doesn’t work (…) We decided to distance ourselves, not to see each other anymore and we’ll see if it’s better like that. Well, I don’t know what else to tell you (…) at least it’s done and you know everything” she explained in tears.

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