Tomorrow Belongs To You: Amnesiac Alex, a disappearance… What will happen next week (SPOILERS)

For the past few days, TF1’s flagship soap opera has been rich in twists and turns. It must be said that Flore is clearly determined to take revenge on the Delcourt family and she is ready to do anything to achieve her ends. After shooting Alex, she kidnapped Maxime. And the least we can say is that things only get worse as Flore is delirious. Fortunately, the young man will come out of it without incident. But then, what will happen to the former director of the hospital? Know that she will finally be stopped thanks to Bart. Indeed, he will succeed in convincing her to surrender during a very moving scene.

And if you were wondering if Flore will end up paying for her crimes, the answer is no since a medical report will reveal that she is not responsible for her actions. However, the consequences are great for the Delcourt family. Indeed, Alex has lost his memory and he does not seem to want to find it. Meanwhile, Noor and Cédric will have a hard time finding themselves alone. Thus, the young nurse will do everything possible to push Lilian away, but Cédric will learn that they have an appointment together for Valentine’s Day, which is sure to put a chill between them. Especially since Irene will very much want to be alone with her husband.

Samuel in love with Victory

At the same time, Sylvain will continue to sink into his lies with Julien. How far will he go to keep his friendship with him? For his part, Samuel will finally face the facts and finally understand that he is in love with Victoire. Unfortunately for him, the young woman seems very attached to Benjamin. However, they have serious problems since the surgeon really wants to have children while Victoire is not yet sure she wants them. Finally, Emma, ​​a high school student, will disappear and cause a lot of worry for those close to her. Suffice to say that you should not miss the episodes of Tomorrow Belongs To Us next week !

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