The Revolution: These questions that we still ask ourselves after the final episode

The explosive last episode of the French series La Révolution raises a lot of questions!

Watch out, SPOILERS! If you’ve ever binge-watchered The revolution, the new French series from Netflix that revisits the French Revolution in a fantastic sauce, you must probably have a lot of questions in mind. And for good reason, this new romantic and epic series shot in the form of an uchronia and directed by Aurélien Molas and Gaïa Guasti ends on a huge question mark. While we thought Donatien (Julien Frison) at the mercy of the Brotherhood, the latter manages to escape thanks to the help of Ophelia, leaving Élise for dead. A twist that has not failed to surprise serivores who now wish to discover the rest of the adventures of the French people facing King Louis XVI. Hoping that this new salvo of episodes comes to answer these five questions that we still ask ourselves after the final outcome.

Donatien in season 1 of The Revolution on Netflix
Donatien in season 1 of The Revolution on Netflix – Credit (s): Netflix

What is Louis XVI’s diabolical plan?

In the very last seconds of the final season, Donatien meets Louis XVI who explains to him that he has a “diabolical” plan. The King, described as “equal to God because just as cruel as him” never shows his face but speaks with a deep and powerful voice that allows us to easily imagine him as a bloodthirsty monster. Everything therefore suggests that the French people are more than ever in danger. But for what reasons does Louis XVI wish to transform the French nobility into a horde of zombies? Are eternal life and power the only goals pursued by the monarch, or is the latter hiding another secret? We really want to know!

Albert and Elise in The Revolution on Netflix
Albert and Elise in The Revolution on Netflix – Credit (s): Netflix

Is Elise really dead?

It is a twist that we did not see coming! In the last minutes of the final episode, Elise de Montargis who tries to kill her cousin Donatien, is stabbed by her companion Ophélie. An unexpected betrayal especially coming from the one she considered her best friend. A deceit that allows the count to escape to Versailles, while Elise dies in the arms of her former lover Albert. But is the young woman really dead? Because the latter could fully benefit from the benefits of the Blue Blood and come back to life. Indeed, Albert not being able to bring himself to forget his beloved could choose to infect her, also ignoring the risks incurred. It would be a very nice twist that would add spice to the plot!

Madeleine in The Revolution on Netflix
Madeleine in La Révolution on Netflix – Credit (s): Netflix

What happened to Madeleine?

While it is obvious that Madeleine possesses mysterious powers, the following The revolution should tell us a little more about where they came from. Because the latter, who is in reality the hidden daughter of Elise and Albert, seems connected by strange links to the disturbing little girl whom she sees appearing in her nightmares. Is it possible that Madeleine is the involuntary cause of the spread of the blue blood virus? Why does the evil doctor of the season finale seem so happy to see “his two little darlings reunited” when he is facing Madeleine? Is it because the two children are in reality one and the same person, like two sides of the same coin? Only the hope of a season 2 will tell.

The Revolution available on Netflix
The Revolution available on Netflix – Credit (s): Netflix

Was Ophelia a spy from the start?

It’s a twist that shocked us a lot! In the last episode of The revolution, Ophélie turns her jacket over without warning. While we thought the young woman would do anything to protect the life of Elise and her little sister Madeleine (who is actually her daughter), yet it is she who carries the fatal blow. At first glance, a gesture totally incomprehensible and which killed the countess instantly. But that’s not all ! Not content with having murdered her mistress, Ophélie also pushes Madeleine into the enemy’s arms before proudly strutting around Versailles, like a warrior who has accomplished her mission. From there, a doubt remains: Was Ophélie manipulated by Louis XVI or was the latter a spy in the pay of the King from the start?

The strange blue-blooded spirit in The Revolution
The strange blue-blooded spirit in The Revolution – Credit (s): Netflix

Who is the little girl in the iron mask?

This is without a doubt THE biggest mystery of this series! Who is the strange little girl in the iron mask who seems to be chasing Madeleine in her dreams? How is it that the latter has blue blood? Why did she choose to save Albert on the beach rather than Oka’s son? Is the latter linked to voodoo beliefs? How old is she really? Can we consider her as Madeleine’s alter ego? So many questions left unanswered after the last episode! While waiting to learn more, discover the exclusive filming secrets of the first season of The revolution on Netflix.

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