Stéphanie Durant (Les Marseillais) soon to be a mother, this new photo makes people react

Very soon, Stéphanie Durant will become a mother for the first time. The opportunity for her to unveil a new photo of the end of pregnancy.

Manon Marsault pregnant with her third child? She reacts to Julien Tanti’s request. And this time, it’s from another candidate of the Marseillais that we are going to talk about and not the least since it is about Stephanie Durant which is in turn at the end of pregnancy. Indeed, the pretty brunette is getting ready to welcome her first child in the days to come and the impatience is seriously starting to be felt : “Last moments. I understand better why we say that the last moments are the longest” she said in the caption of a new photo of her stroking her baby bump.

A message that has certainly not escaped Internet users: “Courage, last straight line and after you will be 3”, “Beautiful, can’t wait to see your little heart”, “It is true that it is long Steph! But you will remember these moments with nostalgia and what awaits you is certainly one of the most beautiful moments of your life, it is magic! Unique!”, “Courage, it’s coming soon! Your baby will be in your arms”, “Make the most of your last moments of pregnancy” could we read under the post. Lots of positive vibes that should appease the mother-to-be. For her part, Hillary has revealed the number of pounds she gained while pregnant with her second child.

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