Snoop Dogg: his turn to be accused of rape by a former dancer

The rapper Snoop Dogg finds himself at the heart of a hell of a deal. A few days ago, he was accused of having committed a sexual assault. Thursday, February 10, one of the singer’s ex-dancers filed an anonymous complaint against him for rape. This complaint was filed in federal court in Los Angeles. In addition to making accusations about Snoop Dogg, the young woman also denounced Bishop Don “Magic” Juanfrom his real name Donald Campbellwho is none other than the associate and advisor of the musical producer. heavy charges which did not go unnoticed by the media and the singer’s fans.

According to the statements of the victim, at the material time, she worked as a dancer for the American artist. The assault allegedly occurred in May 2013, at the end of an evening spent at the studio of Snoop Dogg. The singer’s adviser would have offered to drive the young woman home, but would have actually driven her to her own home, where, exhausted, she would have taken a nap. The complainant then explained that she woke up at the star’s partner. She reportedly felt ill and went to the toilet. On site, the producer of California Gurls would then have taken the opportunity to join her and would have forced him to perform oral sex on her. The young woman ended her testimony by stating that, following the attack, she was completely “humiliated, terrified and panicked”.

Snoop Dogg denies and reacts with humor

To date, the ex-dancer is only asking for damages of an amount still unknown. A few hours after the complaint was filed, there was a private mediation between the two parties. It was a real failure. After that, Snoop Dogg published a post on his account instagram in which he said with humor : “Diamond digger season has begun. Be careful. Stay on your toes…and keep your circle tight”. A warning, which, as we know, alluded to the complaint he received. Moreover, he even declared to TMZ​ that this complaint is “a tissue of lies”. We still do not know the consequences of this case, but one thing is certain, this story has already caused a lot of ink to flow.

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