Simon Baker and Robin Tunney (The Mentalist) close on the set of the series? The truth about their relationship unveiled

Did Simon Baker and Robin Tunney really get along on the set of The Mentalist? Here’s what their relationship actually looked like at the time.

We know that some stars cannot supervise themselves on the set of their films and series. Sometimes, tensions creep into a cast and it’s the drama. Rest assured, this is not always the case. There are plenty of actors who get along wonderfully. Starting with Simon Baker and Robin Tunney. Yes, the two heroes of The Mentalist had a great friendship during the time they played Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon in the series. Interviewed by Switched On in 2011, the actress declared: “Simon teases me constantly. We joke about it on TV, we have too busy a schedule to actually play. So all that gets on screen – the teasing, the tenderness as the relationship progresses – is actually us in real life and how comfortable we are with each other.. We don’t act very much so we’re pretty lucky. “

Simon Baker and Robin Tunney in The Mentalist
Simon Baker and Robin Tunney in The Mentalist – Credit (s): Getty Images

Contrary to rumors, Robin tunney never felt jealousy towards Simon Baker and his huge popularity: “Most of the actors are not lights and are very fragile. The idea that I’m working with someone that makes me feel like my days are shorter… It just makes me better.” According to the actress’s tender confidences, her playing partner is also very close to her family: “I think my mom would like to be my understudy to kiss her. Simon is incredibly nice to my parents and I’m pretty sure they love him more than me. Sometimes my dad calls me and says’ You have to tell Simon that he impressed me in tonight’s episode. The show is amazing ‘. But no words to me and I say’ Daddy ‘to him. “ Hilarious! Elsewhere in the news, know that Caitriona Balfe revealed if Sam Heughan was unbearable on the set of Outlander and it’s funny.

Credit: Switched On

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