Pam & Tommy: the real reasons for the divorce of the most tumultuous couple in Hollywood

Pam & Tommy , broadcast on Hulu and Disney +, retraces the ultra-publicized relationship of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The hair-raising duo got married in the blink of an eye after they met. The case of the couple’s sex tape, stolen and resold illegally, will become emblematic of the excesses of the Internet. At the time, these were the most provocative lovers. The media are tearing them up. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would pass by for a very calm couple! The dissemination of images of their intimacy will not, however, come to the end of their marriage. It is in fact Tommy Lee who will be at the origin of their separation.

Pamela Anderson is THE sex symbol of the 90s. She became known by posing for the sulphurous magazine Playboy. In the cast of the cult series Baywatch, it will make many viewers fantasize. Her affair with the very tattooed Tommy Lee will also largely contribute to her provocative image. The Mötley Crüe drummer and actress don’t shy away from excess. For the media, it’s blessed bread. The reverse will be just as scathing. After the broadcast of the video showing their antics, the trauma is enormous. As shown in the Pam & Tommy series, the actress will even have a miscarriage as a result.

Pamela Anderson forced to leave Tommy Lee for her own safety

But all these affairs and their media coverage don’t seem to get the better of the couple. Pam & Tommy. It’s when Tommy Lee is arrested for domestic violence that things take a new turn. While carrying one of their two children, Pamela Anderson is attacked by Tommy Lee. In 1998, he will be tried and sent to prison for 6 months. This is the click for Pamela Anderson. She will then begin divorce proceedings. The couple, however, will get back together. They will even remarry before divorcing again in 2008. Twists and turns, definitely worthy of a series!

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