More beautiful life: Manon tells the truth to the Nebout, Rochat trapped by Malika … What awaits you next week

Summaries of episodes 4476 to 4480 of More beautiful life. When they wake up, patrick and babeth find that Raphael not here anymore. Very quickly, they think of a kidnapping and their doubts immediately fall on Manon. While the nurse is completely desperate, the commander, with the help of his colleagues, makes rapid progress in his investigation. Manon having left a Saint-Benoît medallion in Raphaël’s cradle, the police draw up a list of the convents in the region. Manon is found with the baby. The young woman then reveals to Patrick that she exchanged their baby and hers at the maternity ward. When the commander shares this news with his wife, the latter collapses…

The Nebout completely distraught over the kidnapping of Raphaël / France 3
The Nebout completely distraught over the kidnapping of Raphaël / France 3

Rochat and Malika pacsent but since they are united before the law, the headmaster’s partner has changed. She now has luxury tastes. Moreover, she succeeds in convincing Rochat to increase the roommate’s rent. Stung to the quick, Barbara then announces his departure. She will go live in the studio above the Marci. The young woman bids farewell to the other roommates who are trying to find a solution to counter Malika’s plans.

More beautiful life (spoilers): Baptiste excluded by Jean-Louis

For his part, Baptiste is always more motivated by his training as a firefighter. But while he is authorized to go on a fire start, the young man disobeys orders. Excluded by Jean Louis, he will have to go before a disciplinary board. As for Karimhe accepts, on Ophélie’s advice, to see Elsa. He then discovers that his ex is still in love with Revel but that she is afraid that the prosecutor will be targeted. Karim goes for it and asks Revel to get back together with Elsa.

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