Michele Morrone (365 DNI) once thin and unrecognizable to star in a film, he reveals his radical change

Michele Morrone (365 DNI) has shown off his impressive makeover for an on-screen role in the past.

Some time ago, we discovered the honest confidences of Michele Morrone (365 DNI) at the idea of ​​being ugly on the screen. The Italian actor who recently blew out his thirtieth birthday revealed that despite the sex symbol image that he has now been stuck on his forehead since his role as Massimo in the sulphurous film Netflix, he was ready to transform onscreen. And precisely, it is something that he has already done! Far from the handsome Italian kid, muscular and dominant that we know him, Michele morrone played a totally different role in the movie Bar Giuseppe, just before his career took off internationally.

Metamorphosed Michele Morrone
Metamorphosed Michele Morrone

For the purposes of the film and for the interpretation of his character, a young man lost and addicted to drugs, Michele Morrone grew hair and lost about nine pounds. Skinny, puffy eyes and look “wild”, we hardly recognize the actor on these photos shared in his story Instagram ! No doubt, we are far from the image of Massimo in the film 365 DNI… But one thing is certain, this metamorphosis proves that he is a good actor, even if the young man quickly changed his look after the shooting of this Italian film. Still about Michele Morrone (365 DNI), discover his favorite and improbable French song.

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