Here Everything Begins: A rebellion, Noémie on the start… What will happen next week?

What will happen next week in Here It All Begins ? Ever since Anaïs, Lionel and Jasmine discovered an ultra-violent video of the slaughterhouse from which the Institut Auguste Armand gets its supplies, they have been very angry. Especially since Antoine and Lisandro do not want to act. To be heard, they will not hesitate to put evidence under the noses of other students.. Ambre and Kelly will even join their cause. Claire and Clothilde will then decide to have a good conversation with Antoine and Guillaume on the subject and Chef Armand will take matters into her own hands. It is, in fact, up to her to manage the unexpected in the absence of Teyssier.

However, his method will not pass and will persuade Anaïs and other students to strike and harm the service of Double A. Suffice to say that the atmosphere will be very tense! Moreover, Guillaume will have to row to convince Laetitia that he is no longer in love with Clothilde and that he wants to be with her and only her. Fortunately, he can count on Kelly’s support to achieve this.. For her part, Noémie will receive an offer she cannot refuse. Indeed, someone will offer to buy the Table of Rivers from him. Delighted, Noémie will hesitate a lot before Gaëtan scares away his buyer.

Will Gaëtan succeed in winning back Noémie?

Still in love with her, he will try to convince her to give him a chance again in vain. But she could fall for Zacharie again. During this time, Mehdi will be terribly stressed at the idea of ​​skydiving with Hortense so much so that he will even feel sick to his stomach. Will he manage to avoid the famous jump? At the same time, Théo will be extremely destabilized by Célia. And the latter will have a lot of difficulty seeing him in a relationship with Martha. Will the two young people end up falling for each other? One thing is certain, the TF1 soap opera still has many surprises in store for us.

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