Harry Potter: This character was originally supposed to have a whole different ending

Harry Potter: This character was originally supposed to have a whole different ending

This Harry Potter character has done well throughout the story, as JK Rowling wanted to orchestrate his death on numerous occasions.

Yes Harry potter was the star of the saga, he would never have been able to succeed without the help of his best friend Ron. The two apprentices are about the same age, although it’s hard to really know when Ron was born in Harry potter because the Weasley parents had 7 children! About Arthur Weasley, the father of the family, Screen Rant reveals he’s been very lucky in the movies … Indeed, author JK Rowling initially wanted to orchestrate her death and it could have happened in each of the films. Harry potter !

Arthur weasley
Arthur Weasley – Credit (s): Warner Bros

JK Rowling originally wanted to kill him during his attack on the Hall of Prophecy at the Ministry in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ; but she finally resigned herself. His urge to end Arthur Weasley’s story arc came back strongly in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where she definitely wanted Ron’s father to die. Finally, she once again changed her mind mainly about Ron not going through the same thing as his friend Harry. As a bonus, this character is known for his legendary joie de vivre, and the death of his father would have totally changed his attitude within the films. To compensate for Arthur’s survival, Rowling chose to kill Remus Lupine and Nymphadora Tonks … Someone had to pay! In the meantime, find out how this theory about Fred and George Weasley explains Ron’s biggest victory in Harry Potter.

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