Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy) seduced by one of her former co-stars, here is the famous actor for whom she has a crush

Ellen Pompeo has a crush on one of her former co-stars and here is the identity of this famous actor.

In Hollywood, some stars do not leave indifferent and even represent the ultimate fantasy of fans or other people. Very popular with men, Alyssa Milano would also make a famous actor lose all his means if he saw her. You may not know it, but Ellen Pompeo also has her little celebrity crush. Eh yes, the unforgettable Meredith Gray in the series Grey’s Anatomy in love with an actor you all know because it is Leonardo DiCaprio And it is not a hazard ! The 51-year-old actress had the chance to share the screen with the one who makes many women dream.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio – Credit (s): Getty Images

Remember, Ellen pompeo had made an appearance alongside the actor in the film Stop me if you can released in 2002 when she was starting her career. The young woman played the role of Marci, an air hostess who had a one-night stand with the character of Leonardo DiCaprio. Obviously, Ellen has very good memories of her streak with the actor since she admitted that he was one of her crushes: My favorites are Matt Damon and Leo “ she said during an interview for Backstage in 2016 before saluting his Oscar victory: “I’m so happy with her Oscar! It’s so deserved”. We can only understand his enthusiasm! In the rest of the news, find out whether or not Ellen Pompeo’s husband is jealous of the actress’ love scenes in Grey’s Anatomy.

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