Cloé Cooper cheated on by Virgil, she balances on their relationship

If Cloé Cooper is currently living a very beautiful love story with Sébastien, she has also marked reality TV following her relationship with Virgil. The latter were madly in love, but their participation in The battle of the couples 2 weakened their relationship. Strategy, tensions and competition got the better of this story. But if Cloé Cooper decided to separate from Virgil, it is because she learned that he was unfaithful! And for her, it is clearly unforgivable. On her social networks, she has also made new revelations about their breakup by answering questions from Internet users.

Virgil and Cloé
Virgil and Cloé – Credit (s): NRJ12

“I had a smart question so I wanted to share it with you and answer it publicly… Why didn’t you leave Virgil because of his many deceptions? Quite simply, because I didn’t know… At least I had never had concrete proof… Some doubts, but I never managed to leave without being sure. Otherwise I would have left on the spot! No one has the right to do that and be forgiven “, first explained Cloé Cooper on her Instagram story.

Cloé Cooper does not forgive

Subsequently, the young woman explained that it was impossible for her to forgive this infidelity. Cloé Cooper writes: “No excuse is valid. I may be too radical, but when you lose the trust you have in someone and their respect, the relationship will never be healthy.”. At least things are cleared up on the end of her relationship with Virgil. And since the shooting of Angels 12, Cloé Cooper has completely moved on with Sébastien. Today they live together and have a dog. And good news: we could soon find them together on TV, since Cloé Cooper recently explained that she would not be against the idea of ​​participating in The battle of the couples 4.

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