Harry Potter: this touching tribute from a star of the saga to Daniel Radcliffe

On a promotional tour for his memoir, a famous actor from the Harry Potter saga pays a touching tribute to Daniel Radcliffe.

On Thursday, October 13, 2022, Tom Felton published his memoirs under the title Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard. An autobiographical exercise in which the actor, who lends his features to Draco Malfoy in the saga Harry Potterrecount “ his ordinary childhood ” until ” his early rise to stardom “who has it” thrust into the limelight at the age of just twelve “. For 300 pages, Tom Felton evokes his adolescence spent in front of the cameras, hanging out with wizards of all stripes and making unbreakable friendships with some.

Last weekend, the actor was on the set of CBS Sunday Morning to promote his first book. Felton took the opportunity to make a beautiful declaration of love to his best friend / enemy of Hogwarts: Daniel Radcliffe, alias Harry Potter. ” I deeply love this manhe confided with overwhelming sincerity. I don’t see it as much as I would like […] But I consider him a brother, no doubt. Felton then paid tribute to the incomparable enthusiasm and professionalism of his comrade who is now pursuing a fine career in the cinema.

Why Tom Felton doesn’t want to castigate the creator of Harry Potter

If she was tackled in turn by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Evanna Lynch and Eddie Redmayne following her remarks deemed transphobic, JK Rowling can count on the discretion of Tom Felton. ” I don’t know the details well enough about who said whathumbly explains the actor in the columns of The Independent. My dog ​​takes me too long to get interested in these kinds of questions. I mean, obviously I’m pro-choice, pro-discussion, pro-human rights in all areas, and pro-love. And what isn’t part of it, I don’t have time to take an interest in it. ” He adds : Honestly, with my friends, we all have different opinions on various subjects. […] We certainly take no pleasure in singling out people who may have said things we disagree with. “Tom Felton, or the art of diplomacy…

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Star Wars: “I cried every day”: this shocking confession from Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley doesn’t have fond memories of filming Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Here’s why.

Keira Knightley was only a dozen years old when she passed the casting of The Phantom Menace (1999) to land the role of Queen Padmé Amidala’s understudy. If she was overflowing with enthusiasm, the young teenager had to fight against the warnings of her parents: a shoot is not necessarily a cakewalk. Despite everything, the star seed never lost hope. And for good reason, she would get the first sesame, her second official role in the cinema. This complicated period, the star of Pirates of the Caribbean in fact today the story in an interview with the american daily Reading Eagle. I told them: ‘No, I have to. It’s a film Star Wars, for the love of God’ “. The prediction of his parents has finally come true…

I cried every day on set, because the costumes were very uncomfortable “recalls Keira Knightley. The actress nevertheless keeps some good memories of this time. A very promising start to his career under the leadership of seasoned professionals, such as George Lucas and Liam Neeson, and promising young talents, including Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor. His role in The Phantom MenaceKeira Knightley owes it to her vague resemblance to the star of Leon. It is also said that her mother would have had trouble recognizing her under Padmé Amidala’s makeup!

Why Keira Knightley Never Saw Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

The first opus of the prelogy Star Wars was not unanimous among fans of the saga. Even today much decried, the film does not get its actors convinced either. Starting with Keira Knightley, now unable to remember if she plays Padmé or Sabé, Queen Amidala’s lady-in-waiting. In interview with coming soonshe recounts having seen the film only once, a year after its theatrical release: I never saw him again. I hope that [mon personnage] lived a long and happy existence somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. ” After The Phantom MenaceSabé only reappeared in the comics Star Wars where she investigates in particular the circumstances of Padmé’s death, which leads her to cross paths with Darth Vader several times, whose true identity she even discovers.

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The School of Good and Evil: girly tale between Cinderella and Harry Potter [CRITIQUE] Follow us

The School of Good and Evil is a teen movie that mixes genres and magical-fairy references without really finding its own rhythm and voice. Available on Netflix.

In the heart of a small village, two teenage girls stand out against the rural and austere landscape. On the one hand, Sophiawhite, blond girl wanting to become seamstressand, on the other, Agathamestizo, whose gothic-grunge look gives it the makings of a witch. One night like no other, the two friends who are opposites find themselves drawn by supernatural forces to join the prestigious School of Good and Evil. A magical high school where you learn to master your special gifts. Against all odds, Sophie is catapulted into the Evil section and Agatha is parachuted into the Good section. Their adventure begins with a bang. Attention, spoilers

Castle for wizards, spell lessons, phantasmagorical universe, white magic versus black magic, smoking potions, squabbling between schoolchildren and even a quill pen… The School of Good and Evil is a remix girly from the film saga Harry Potter and more broadly of all that has appeal to the fantastic literary universe created by JK Rowling. The difference ? There are not four houses but only two promotions in the establishment… Those of Good and Evil. A bit as if Hogwarts housed only the Gryffindor and the Slytherin, the two houses engaging in a gigantic contest of who will have the biggest stick. The icing on the hat: Laurence Fishburneescaped from the matrix, embodies a Black Albus Dumbledore larger than life in its panache and benevolence. But unfortunately, The School of Good and Evil does not stop there in its coarse tracing of pre-existing universes.

It’s in the old cauldrons…

The School of Good and Evil is a teen movie which mixes styles but above all overflows with references and other influences not at all digested. Paul Feig (author of the cult comedy my best friends in 2011) bangs in all the old cauldrons to make a bad jam. Worse: the film regurgitates a cast of fairy tales and fantastic initiation novels so anchored, even hammered, in our collective unconscious, that we can’t help but think of the original works with each new scene of The School of Good and Evil. If a scene, among others, literally sucks the meeting between Harry and the hippogriff buck in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabanthe fate reserved for the classics of disney is much saltier. Cinderella (Agatha is a slut mocked by everyone), Peter Pan (the boss of the school is the offspring of the Captain Hook), The Sleeping Beauty (the big bad has a look like Maleficent), Snow White (CharlizeTheron embodies the wicked teacher of the class of Evil) went shamelessly through the mill play doh. The result is assembled pell-mell like a pâté golem remodeled into a creature of Frankenstein weird. The nail is definitely driven like Pontius Pilate when we realize, in the original version, that the tale is told in voice-over by Cate Blanchett. The actress, emblematic interpreter of Galadriel in the film saga of Lord of the Ringsalso played the narrators in the first opus of the original trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring. Thereby, The School of Good and Evil struggling to find his way – and even his voice – crushed under the weight of all his influences drawn from right and left.

Strictly reserved for fans of the “young adult” genre

Adapted from the eponymous literary saga signed Soman Chainani, The School of Good and Evil, in its film adaptation, is less intended for toddlers than for teenagers plagued by the starification specific to social networks and reality TV. Evidenced by this scene particularly out of step with the rest of the tone of the film where Sophie catwalk in front of the other students, dressed in a gothic lolita escaped from a manga type Ecchion a throbbing tube of Billie Elish. The musical anachronism, reminiscent of an adulterated version of Marie Antoinette of Sofia Coppolais perhaps the best in The School of Good and Evil. During a duel scene, which again recalls another Harry Potter, The Chamber of Secretsstudents compete on Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen of the Subways. An edgy title, more punk than rock, popularized in the late 2000s by the underrated Rocknolla. Big retro-pop gloubi-boulga, The School of Good and Evil is ultimately, and perhaps strictly, reserved for generation Z fed on literature adult. The direct heirs of fans of Twilight, The Hunger Games Where DivergentTT enthusiasts on Twitter and video-musico-ludic tablets on tik tok will be delighted by this sampling ofHarry Potter sauce wicca and Elite. For the others, old veterans who remember, with tears in their eyes, the scene where Harry Potter faces the mirror of Erised, or even the young romantics who fell in love withHermione Granger when she slaps Draco Malfoy in The Prisoner of Azkaban in 2004… For all those lost children who have become lost in their thirties and stuck between two generations, The School of Good and Evil will be a veritable way of the cross whose length of the journey is equaled only by its pain.

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Harry Potter: this embarrassing revelation from a star of the series

The filming of Harry Potter had its moments of joy and embarrassment. A star of the saga evokes one of these embarrassing sequences.

In 2001, Harry Potter invaded the dark rooms with a bang. There would then follow a long franchise of seven additional opuses, all adapted from the literary saga born under the pen of JK Rowling, not to mention three other cinematographic spin-offs. Alongside the leading trio of Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) has established himself as one of the franchise’s key players . If he represents for many one of the best antagonists of the saga, the actor missed being eclipsed by a true-false villain in The Prisoner of AzkabanSirius Black (Gary Oldman), who would be discovered to be the godfather of Harry Potter.

In his memoirs published on October 13, Tom Felton recalls his awkward first encounter with his “ challenger “: ” One day when I saw another somewhat scruffy, older guy wearing old jeans and a T-shirt. I had seen him from time to time before and thought he was part of the cleaning staff. ” He pursues : ” He seemed to visit [le plateau] to his family and friends. A little odd, for a member of the cleaning staff. I had the horrible feeling that I had made a mistake, so when he left, I asked someone, ‘Who is this ?’ “. Embarrassed at having been mistaken about the true identity of “the‘Maintenance man Felton doesn’t know how to fix his mistake. ” I wanted to apologize – even though he didn’t care. ” Tom Felton will especially remember a modest, discreet and warm star who prepared ” often a cup of tea for everyone “.

This tender and unexpected revelation from Tom Felton on the set of Harry Potter

Tom Felton has not only chained the blunders on the set of Harry Potter. In his memoir, the actor reveals he nurtured a ” secret love for his classmate Emma Watson. A ” spark “which unfortunately did not happen” manifested at the same time. He adds: I don’t think I was ever in love with Emma, ​​but I loved and admired her as a person in a way that I could never explain to anyone else. » In an interview with E! News, the actress explains as for her to have nourished the same feelings for him. Emma Watson confides today nurturing “ a special love for Tom Felton, his soulmate “. A magical story among many others at Hogwarts!

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Jackass: soon a new film in preparation? Follow us

Johnny Knoxville and his Jackass troublemakers could return in a crazy fifth feature film of which only the band of daredevils has the secret.

We never said if it was the last movie or not…“, spear Johnny Knoxvilleemblematic leader of Jackass in the course of an interview given to variety for the series of which he is currently the star, Reboot.

The actor, stuntman and jobar detailed the possibility of seeing the Jackass, his wild team of daredevils, back in a fifth film:Journalists wrote that somewhere and people thought it was true. If we ever did [un nouveau film, NDLR]we would lean more on the young actors while the older ones would take a step back because my neurologist said I couldn’t risk any more concussions.“If Johnny Knoxville hints at some possibility for a fifth installment of Jackassthis one could well oversee the project without finally taking too much part in it either. Times are changing, so are references and the heroes of our youth are inevitably bottled up. Soon retirement for Jojo Knoxville?

Jackass, symbol of a generation destroy »

For any 30s and 40s who were (pre-)teens in the early 2000s, Jackass stands for controlled chaos, stupidity personified and self-destroy permanent. Jackass (to understand “daredevil” Where “Bourricot” in VF) is a band of young white Americans crazy, obsessed with perilous stunts, pranks dangerous or even the dumbest challenges in the world. Their feats of arms, immortalized on video, went viral around the world and then delighted Internet users eager for trash at a time when fiber and smartphones were not even considered modern technology. Very quickly, the Jackass, led by the flagship trio composed of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Bam Margera, under the Holy Trinity drugs, skate and MTV, was entitled to his eponymous television show. And, after a certain golden age and growing notoriety, more or less dispensable spin-offs, including the famous (and very funny) Viva La Bam. A reality show in which we followed the adventures of Bam within his real family. Jackass has, despite the years that have passed since its success, remained an institution of cretinism elevated to the rank of art, a sort of very distant but somewhat assumed homage to the genre of slap stick Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton way. The final consecration of the group – apart from a memorable passage of a drunk and stoned Steve-O at cauet in a TV show that no longer exists today- is undoubtedly the big screen. The cinema that the Jackass invaded for a first film, inevitably incredible, in 2002. There too, three more or less dispensable sequels will follow, in the cinema as on Netflix. Nevertheless, in 2022, or perhaps 2023, a small comeback of these donkeys could well give back the banana to all the eternal teenagers around the world who have been tempted one day to (re-)make a “vomelette” (not to be reproduced at home, of course). If we are witnessing at this very moment a revival of the star Academywhy not a revival of Jackass ? Today, nostalgia obliges in times of crisis, the 2000s have definitely become the new 80s.

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Sydney Sweeney: the star of Euphoria announced for the casting of the remake of a cult film

After Madame Web, Sydney Sweeney will continue her career in comics thanks to the remake of a cult film. We explain that to you!

In 1968, the director Roger Vadim adapted the French comic strip to the cinema Barbarella with a sex symbol of the time, Jane Fonda. As kitsch as it is eccentric, the film owes its success not only to the plasticity of its actress, but also to its unique blend of science fiction and eroticism. ” Barbarella is a free, wild, independent girl, explained the creator of the characterJean-Claude Forest, in an interview in 1968. She is not a suffragette, nor a policeman. She remains very feminine and has the privilege of being able to contradict herself on occasion. It is not a vamp, but an anti-vamp. Besides, I hate pin-ups. For me, Barbarella is a type of woman who has always existed. Contrary to what is said, it is absolutely not scandalous. »

But in fact, Barbarella, What is it about ? Set in the year 4000, the film follows the adventures of the eponymous heroine to whom the President of Earth assigns a special mission: to find the scientist Durand-Durand (not to be confused with the homonymous music group) before he won’t sell his invention, the ultimate weapon, to an enemy planet. No doubt inspired by the perennial revival of superheroes, Sony offered Sydney Sweeney a reboot Barbarella. A nice strategic move for the studio which becomes a privileged partner of the star. Sweeney has just joined Sony’s Spider-Man Universe via the spin-off Madame Webin theaters February 14, 2024. No official release date has been announced for Barbarella.

What are Sydney Sweeney’s other projects?

As his partnerEuphoria Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney multiplies the projects, building a dazzling career of rare consistency. Expected in the casting of the third season of the HBO series, the star is now interested in the big screen. We will soon find her in the casting of the SF thriller The Registration as well as the poster of the biopic Reality Winner, where she will play a cryptologist linguist sentenced to five years in prison for leaking secret National Security Agency (NSA) reports to the press. Sweeney will also try his hand at crime fiction with National Anthema frantic hunt among several individuals to get their hands on a highly valued Native American Lakota shirt “. Finally, she will put on the double hat of actress and producer on the set of The Caretakera film in which she will play a young woman who accepts a babysitting job and “ quickly realizes that her responsibilities have far greater – and more dangerous – stakes than she could have ever imagined. »

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Harry Potter: this tender secret love story between two stars of the saga

Two Harry Potter stars were quietly in love with each other on the set of the saga. We tell you everything!

Notice to English-speaking readers who are fans of Harry Potter ! Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) published his memoirs titled Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard, last October 13. We learn in particular that the actor was secretly in love with his fellow Gryffindor, Emma Watson, on the set of the saga. During an interview with E! News, the interpreter of Hermione Granger revealed that she also fell for Tom Felton, three years her senior. But for his greatest misfortune, Draco was already in a relationship. ” Like Tom, I always struggle to explain to people the nature of our bond and our relationship., explains Emma Watson. ” We’ve loved each other in a special way for more than twenty years now, and I’ve lost count of the times people have said to me: ‘You must have kissed while drunk, just once!’. You must have kissed! There must be something!’ “.

What fuel the wildest rumors between the two lovebirds. However, Emma Watson would like to make things clear from the outset. There has never been the slightest love affair with Tom Felton, his “ soulmate “. And the actress to pay a beautiful tribute to her comrade: “ It is sometimes difficult to live in a world where people are so quick to judge, to doubt, to question intentions. Tom doesn’t do that. ” She adds : ” I know that even if I made a mistake, he will understand that my intention was good. I know he will always believe me. Even if he hasn’t understood everything, he will never doubt that it comes from a good feeling and that I did my best. That’s true friendship, and to be seen and loved like that is one of the greatest gifts of my life. »

Tom Felton behaved badly with Emma Watson on the set of Harry Potter

If he had tender feelings for Emma Watson, Tom Felton did not spare either his comrade on the set of the saga Harry Potter. In his memoirs, the actor evokes one of his first meetings with his youngest. Nine-year-old Emma Watson had organized a little dance show in his dressing room. Felton had fun humiliating her with Josh Herdman (Goyle), mockery which the young teenager would have done well. Because according to the actor, Emma Watson suffered from deep loneliness at the time. ” The last thing she needed, in an environment that should have been – and normally was – safe, friendly and family-oriented, was Josh and I laughing at her dancing. Felton says today he feels ashamed about his behavior, despite “ secret love » which he brings to Emma Watson.

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“Terrify 2”: a new horror film that induces vomiting in the middle of a screening

“Terrifier 2” was released in theaters in the United States. This horror movie is so gory that viewers have been vomiting and fainting.

The most terrifying time of the year is fast approaching. October 31 is marked by the Halloween party, where young and old like to shiver with pleasure… During this period conducive to chills, many people like to watch good horror films. Moreover, since last October 6, the feature film “Terrifier 2” has been released in American dark rooms and it has been a real success. However, you have to have a strong heart to watch this sequel, signed Damien Leone and some seem to have overestimated themselves. So gore, bloody and frightening, this film caused discomfort and even vomiting among some moviegoers… The emergency services even had to intervene.

Many netizens shared their experience after watching “Terrifier 2″. ” The guy behind me passed out and fell into my chair. Another had to go out because he was not feeling well. Opening the door I heard another guy throwing up in the toilet“, wrote a Twitter. Faced with these rather shocking reactions, the director gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly. ” It’s kind of a badge of honor because it’s an intense film. But I don’t want people fainting or getting hurt, did he declare. He then advised all those who wanted to see his film, to first start with “Terrifier 1”, to know what to expect…

You have to have a strong heart

For his part, the producer of the film, Steve Barton, also wanted to warn future viewers. ” It contains violent, explicit and brutal scenes. Those with weak hearts, who are prone to feeling unwell or who have weak stomachs are advised to exercise extreme caution. For those who choose to go anyway, you have been warned.“, he thus wrote on Twitter. Despite these warnings, the film is a real hit, but for the moment, no French release date has been revealed. We come to warn, just the images of this clown are already freaking out.

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Black Adam: this cult superhero is back in the post-credits scene [SPOILERS] Follow us

This is the big event of the post-credits scene of Black Adam. And this may be the big DC Extended Universe (DCEU) event of the year. Warning, spoilers…

The walls of Great Rex in Paris trembled during the preview, Tuesday, October 19, 2022 in the evening, of black adam. The reason ? The post-credits scene of the film. Why ? The short scene reintroduces a cult DC Comics character, an iconic DCEU superhero. Attention, spoilers

Drum roll… Suspense… Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s… Superman! Under the features of the eternal ghost Henry Cavill, necessarily. Almost unsurprisingly, as many fans were expecting it and a leaked on the Internet clearly announced the return of the actor in the Superman costume for black adam. Only here, we did not yet know the content of the scene in the film. Now, since the film is in theaters and we have been able to see it, we can say that Superman is making his great comeback in the post-credits scene of black adam. A cameo that caused a scene of jubilation in the cinema of the Grand Rex. And everywhere else, we suspect it.

Black Adam v Superman?

Can this post-generic scene orient a hypothetical sequel to black adam ? In other words, do the two heroes a priori invincible could slap on the face in the near future? If, for now, no release date of Black Adam 2 has not been officially fixed by Warner Bros., it is obvious that Superman has been reintroduced in the DCEU to appear in future productions to come. As with the rival marvel studiosDC Comics anticipate their release schedule in advance and such move is necessarily linked either to Black Adam 2 Where… Come on, let’s be crazy: Man of Steel 2.

what about Man of Steel 2 ?

We’ve been waiting more or less for the rest of man of steelfranchise reboot Superman under the leadership of Zack Snyder behind the camera and Christopher Nolan into production in 2013. The beginnings of the DCEU built and thought as the direct challenger of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The return of Henry Cavill in the red boots of Superman could thus revive the franchise of the superhero to then go to a famous second opus of man of steel. At present, all of this is pure speculation. Nothing official has been announced or confirmed by the studios. Only one thing is certain: Superman is back!

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Black Adam: will there be a sequel with Dwayne Johnson? Follow us

Black Adam, DC Comics stamped superhero played by Dwayne Johnson, sees his first solo adventure released in theaters this Wednesday, October 19, 2022. Will there be a sequel?

black adamnew superhero of the stable DC Comicsperformed by the always very cool Dwayne Johnsonis the star of his first film in theaters today. black adam has barely been released in theaters for a few hours that most fans hardcorewho saw the film in public preview the day before or at the 9:00 screening this morning, are already wondering if a sequel is planned. So, will there be a second installment of black adam ?

Unfortunately, for now, no sequel has yet been announced by Warner Bros. However, Dwayne Johnson improvised spokesperson for the studios at the microphone of Cinemablend : “[…] There is a new era that is about to begin for the DC Comics Extended Universe. It’s the introduction of a new character, not a sequel… It’s Black Adam! Two years ago, no one knew who it was. […] Now let’s build [le futur du DCEU, NDLR] !” Inevitably, the main actor of black adam not going to say otherwise. It remains to be seen whether the film will be profitable at the US and International box office. It’s a safe bet that good scores would trigger the rest of black adam in the pipes of the studios.

A crossover with Shazam?

Originally, black adam was conceived and designed as an antithesis of Shazam. Who ? You know, this other superhero costume already flocked with a big lightning bolt as a logo. Shazam got his own movie stand-alone in 2019. We could very well imagine that Black Adam finds himself facing Shazam in a hypothetical sequel. Performed on screen by Zachary Levi, Shazam is seen as the good guy in the story while Black Adam has a more ambivalent morality. Zachary Levi interviewed by The Directabout a potential meeting with Dwayne Johnson in black adam in a potential sequel, responded with these words: “[…] We have to respect Shazam and his origin story, it must be its own film. Respect Black Adam, it has to be his own movie too. Let them build and then you can [les mettre ensemble dans un seul et même film]”. So, towards a Black Adam versus Shazam? Time will tell.

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