Antoine Goretti (Les Princes 5) completely transformed, his new look will surprise you

Antoine Goretti (Les Princes 5) completely transformed, his new look will surprise you

Every night on the channel W9viewers find The Princes and Princesses of Love 5. The principle is simple: several reality TV candidates live together in a huge villa and suitors and suitors come for the sole purpose of seducing them. If there is no favorite, the Prince or Princess has the choice of eliminating the person. In this year’s cast, we find in particular Anthony Alcaraz, Yoly, Léna, Alex Guidi or even Antoine Goretti who recently joined the adventure. This time, it is not for his presence in the program that the young man is talking about him but for a very different reason.

As you can see in the above video posted on his Instagram account, Antoine opted for a radical physical change. Goodbye brown, the candidate has tried purple. “ROSES ARE RED, VIOLET ARE BLUE” he says in the caption of this famous video showing the different stages of his transformation. Although this is not the first time that the young man has changed his hair color, it must be said that this one is surprising.

Internet users do not validate Antoine’s new look

If this new color has been validated by some fans, other Internet users have meanwhile let it be known that they did not like the result: “You were indeed so BG…. BEFORE! Luckily it grows back much faster with you men”, “Not a good idea at all, purple for men is quite weird and I know not if it’s the cut or the color but it makes you fat”, “Not bad but you were better before”, Uh no, sorry…”, “Cool video but you were clearly better before” could we read in particular under the publication. Will Antoine eventually return to his natural color? Patience.

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