Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) still in touch with her co-stars of the series? We have the answer

This is the question that often comes up. Has Kaley Cuoco kept in touch or cut ties with her The Big Bang Theory co-stars? Here is his response.

You probably didn’t know it but Kaley Cuoco was far from close to her co-stars when filming began on The Big Bang Theory. The actress also took a little time to forge true bonds of friendship with her playing partners, but their complicity quickly took over. The whole cast has in particular been very united during all these years of collaboration. But what about today, are the actors still in contact since the end of the show in May 2019? During an interview with Us Magazine last March, the interpreter of Penny did not hesitate to confide bluntly on his relationship with his colleagues.

During this interview with the American media, Kaley cuoco thus confessed: “We obviously have a discussion group. It was created not that long ago, actually, and we each hear from each other … Johnny (Leonard) is having a baby now. He sends me pictures constantly. He is very proud. It is really very adorable. “ Tender secrets that should reassure fans: the stars of the flagship program of the CBS are therefore still friends and that’s good. Elsewhere in the news, know that Kaley Cuoco has also responded to rumors that suggest that she is pregnant with her first child.

Chris Evans (Avengers Endgame) shirtless on the web, here is the meaning of all his tattoos

Chris Evans’ body and the tattoos that dot it have been talking about them in recent days. But what is their significance? We tell you everything!

Is Chris Evans Trying To Get Attention? After unwittingly sharing a photo of his sex on social networks last month, he again panicked the Web last week by posting a video of him completely naked torso at the pool. Internet users were quick to comment on his incredible musculature but also his numerous tattoos. Yes, if the Captain America actor has one cute sin in his life, it’s tattoos! He has at least 7 in total, if not more. And if you, too, are wondering what their meaning is, we have the answer. For starters, the Taurus head tattoo on her left arm is just a tribute to her mother Lisa, whose zodiac sign she is.

On the other arm, the right therefore, we can see the word “loyalty”, which means “loyalty” in French. The 39-year-old actor believes loyalty is the major trait a man should bring to his family and loved ones. On the right side of her ribs you can see the phrase “In loving memory of Bardsley, with me always”, which means “In memory of Bardsley, with me forever”, and which is dedicated to his late friend Matt Bardsley, who died in an accident in 2003. On the right ankle, Chris Evans, who is said to be ready to marry and become a dad, also has a tattoo with the initials “SCS”, which are simply the initials of his siblings, Shanna, Carly and Scott!

Chris Evans, a Buddhist at heart
Chris Evans, a Buddhist at heart – Credit (s): Capture Ecran

Chris Evans Also has a quote from Eckhart Tolle on the left side of his chest: “When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself”. The Captain America actor studied Buddhism and it helped him cope with his fame and keep his feet on the ground. A golden eagle also spreads its wings on its pecs but it is not known what it means. Finally, the actor also has the same tattoo as Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr, Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth, which represents the logo of the Avengers team embellished with the number six and located on the right side of his chest, in homage to his role in the saga.

Jessie J separated from Channing Tatum, she reveals the real reasons for their breakup

After several unsuccessful attempts at reconciliation, Jessie J and Channing Tatum officially separated. The singer has finally revealed the real reasons for their separation.

At the end of 2019, Channing Tatum and Jessie J went their separate ways and details of their breakup were released. At the time, the two lovebirds were simply no longer on the same wavelength. After a year of relationship, they decided to take different paths. But against all odds, the actor and singer reconciled a month later. “They spent a few weeks away from each other but quickly realized that they cared about each other” had in particular confided a source to E! News. They were more complicit than ever on social networks, and even formalized their romance on the red carpet of the MusiCares Person of the Year Awards ceremony. But this reconciliation will have been short-lived. In April 2020, the couple broke up again.

But what happened? Jessie J who was tired of being compared to Jenna Dewan, gave up on her split from Channing Tatum in her song “Simply Be in Love”, where she explains that they went too fast in their relationship: “You still dream of tomorrow, and I was still over-analyzing yesterday. Let’s take our time, take small steps, so as not to ruin our future. Let’s stay calm so as not to rush what we are. Let’s have fun. without pressure, it’s not a race. If it’s forever, let’s just be in love. “ During a live Instagram, Jessie J specified: “I wrote this headline which is about the first time you meet someone and you jump the ball. Sometimes that rush can ruin the foundation a relationship needs to relax and enjoy the moment. “

Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) as a couple? The actress appears in charming company

Couple alert? Emilia Clarke may well have found love again. In any case, the actress is displayed in charming company.

Recently, Emilia Clarke confided in her difficulties in finding love. Being a celebrity doesn’t necessarily make things easier and the star is well aware of that. During this truth interview, the British actress had revealed that she no longer wanted to date someone from the same industry as her, because of her doubts about the longevity of these relationships. A radical decision that seems to have changed over time. Indeed, the unforgettable interpreter of Daenerys Targaryen in the series Game Of Thrones was seen in charming company, this Monday July 13, 2020. It did not take more to panic his fans.

As you can see on cliches unveiled by the English daily Daily Mail, Emilia Clarke took a stroll in a London park with her adorable dog, and accompanied by Tom Turner, an assistant director. Sitting together in the grass, the two celebrities had a good time chatting, more accomplices than ever. A rapprochement that has not gone unnoticed on the Web. Could it be that this handsome young man is the star’s new darling? Doubts are allowed. So while you wait to find out more, find out what the perfect man looks like for Emilia Clarke.

Chris Hemsworth (Avengers Endgame) exasperated by Brie Larson and his diva attitude? The truth about this rumor unveiled

This is the question everyone is asking. Is Brie Larson really that diva who annoys all her gaming partners, like Chris Hemsworth? Here is what it is.

Lately, Brie Larson has been accused of snubbing her fans and has been badly tackled on the Web. In Hollywood, the actress also has a reputation for being picky on set and in real life. And to believe the information unveiled by the magazine Star, Chris Hemsworth would have a hard time getting along with his colleague. When promoting their film Avengers Endgame, the actor would not have appreciated his attitude considered unbearable. “Chris is frustrated that Brie came up with her big tunes just because Captain Marvel was No. 1 at the box office. Chris is the easiest person to get along with but he thinks she’s a diva “ a source told the tabloid.

According to the informant’s words, Chris Hemsworth, who had already been cropped by Brie Larson during an interview, could not stand it anymore: “Brie asked to be the headliner and to be seated in the best position during interviews with the cast. Brie thinks she’s the best thing that has happened to the Marvel franchise. She’s taken a big head. and is abhorrent. Everyone is annoyed, especially Chris. “ But can we believe these allegations? The site Gossip Cop was quick to get in touch with the actress’s representatives and they quickly set the record straight: there is no tension between Chris Hemsworth and Brie Larson. This should reassure the fans.

Ryan Dorsey devastated by the death of his ex-wife Naya Rivera (Glee), the sad revelations

According to new revelations, Ryan Dorsey is completely devastated by the death of his ex-wife Naya Rivera.

A sad date that no one will forget. On July 13, Naya Rivera was officially deceased and the police released information on the circumstances of her death. After several days of intensive research, the body of the star of Glee was finally found and the 33-year-old actress would then have been the victim of drowning in Lake Piru in California where she was enjoying a boat trip with her 4-year-old son, who was found unharmed. Heartbreaking news not only for the fans but also for her family and her ex-husband and father of her child, Ryan Dorsey, who happens to be completely devastated by Naya’s death.

According to the sad confidences of a source close to the actor who confided in People Magazine, Ryan dorsey struggles to hold on since the disappearance of the actress from whom he has been divorced since 2018 : “Ryan barely slept. It’s just a nightmare. Even though he wasn’t with Naya, she’s Josey’s mom and he needs his mom.” Still according to this informant, a future without his ex-wife is absolutely unthinkable for the 36-year-old man: “Ryan can’t imagine raising Josey without Naya. It’s the most devastating situation”. Obviously, everyone hopes that the actor will find the strength he needs to rebuild himself. Following the news of Naya Rivera’s death, the cast of the Glee series also paid her a moving tribute.

Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) cheating on his wife with co-star Emilia Clarke? The truth about this rumor

Did something really happen between Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke as rumors suggest? We take stock.

Game Of Thrones has been a real phenomenon all over the world. A series that has generated a historical buzz in addition to bringing together a whole community around it. Behind the scenes, the program also helped to create some great friendships within the cast. As proof, Emilia Clarke is now closer than ever to her co-star Kit Harington. But he is not the only one who has won her heart. The pretty British girl is also very close to Jason Momoa, who played Khal Drogo aka her husband on the screen. Like other fictional couples, the two actors have not escaped rumors about their relationship. Has the actor been unfaithful to his partner with his acting partner? Here is what it is.

Of course, none of this is true. Whether it was when they were touring together in Game Of Thrones or today, Emilia Clarke and Jason momoa have always shared only a deep and sincere friendship. Nothing more. In real life, the actor is a fulfilled man alongside Lisa Bonet, whom he married in 2017. For those who don’t know, the actress, who is Zoë Kravitz’s mother, was his crush in his youth. In addition, Khaleesi’s interpreter gets along very well with his colleague’s wife. No drama in sight then. Elsewhere in the news of our friends the stars, know that the talented Emilia Clarke could be in a relationship with Matt Smith if we believe these photos which sow the seeds of doubt.

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Brie Larson (Avengers Endgame) and Samuel L. Jackson very close, the adorable secrets of their friendship

You may not know it, but Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson are very close and these adorable confidences about their friendship are proof of it.

Contrary to rumors claiming that the interpreter of Captain Marvel does not get along at all with the rest of the cast ofAvengers Endgame, Brie Larson has shown herself to be close to her co-star Scarlett Johansson. So that’s enough to silence the gossip. And if the 31-year-old actress has a beautiful friendship with the latter, know that she also gets along very well with Samuel L. Jackson, his playing partner in the film Kong: Skull Island released in 2017. Very proud of his friendly relationship with Brie, the actor did not hesitate to say all the good he thought of her and these few words about her are just lovely.

Samuel L. Jackson had thus confided: “We’re great friends and work well together. We laugh together. We sing together. We developed a really good relationship when we were on ‘Kong’. It’s fun to be in the saddle with her “. As for Brie Larson who twice refused the role of Captain Marvel, the actress had openly spoken of her proximity to her co-star during a stint on the set of Jimmy Kimmel: “our love is real”. The latter had also shared a tender photo of the duo on Instagram with the caption “Best stage partner, best travel partner, best press partner and simply best partner”. How not to fall in love with so much cuteness?

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Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) contemptuously with her co-star Melissa Rauch in the past? This attitude that had made people talk

According to old rumors, Kaley Cuoco had completely despised her co-star Melissa Rauch. Quickly discover the reasons for this astonishing bad buzz!

Unlike the gossip that abound on the Web, Kaley Cuoco is not at all cold with Jim Parsons. It’s actually quite the opposite since they get along wonderfully in real life. But what about the other actors of The Big Bang Theory ? This is the question everyone is asking. For a long time, rumors often suggested that Penny’s interpreter was in conflict with her female co-stars. In 2016, she had also drawn the wrath of Internet users by arriving dressed in a very (too?) Relaxed way at the preview of The Bronze, the film co-produced by her playing partner Melissa Rauch. An attitude deemed contemptuous which had earned him many criticisms.

At the time, most fans of Melissa Rauch really didn’t appreciate Kaley Cuoco’s lack of dress code. And for good reason, the other members of the cast had for their part taken out their best clothes for the occasion. But the actress was strongly defended by her community who explained that she had however made the trip to support her accomplice on the screen. An astonishing bad buzz on which the two main stakeholders never bothered to express themselves. In other words, this famous outfit did not cause tension and that’s good. Elsewhere in the celebrity news, discover the adorable detail that you may not know about the relationship of Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons.

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Travis Fimmel (Vikings) fulfilled, the actor confides on his confinement on his ranch

But what becomes of Travis Fimmel? Here’s what the Australian actor did during his past confinement at his ranch.

If we know that Travis Fimmel is very reluctant when it comes to promoting his professional projects in the press, the actor of 41 years has finally come out of the shadows for his very last role on television. You are aware that the actor is playing Raised by Wolves, a science fiction series that is already causing a stir on social networks. Internet users were also delighted to see the handsome Australian on screen again after his departure from Vikings. And for good reason, the latter is very discreet in Hollywood and generally prefers to stay away from media life. But then, what becomes of it? The interpreter of Ragnar Lothbrok recently confided in his confinement in the pages of the magazine The New Yorker.

During this interview, Travis Fimmel revealed he had quietly passed through confinement at his ranch north of Los Angeles. Blooming, the actor tinkered with and gardened: “During all this free time due to the Covid, I have been busy building fences and planting a lot of trees.. Mulberries without fruit, because they are trees that provide good shade. Pepper trees because they are drought tolerant. Eucalyptus trees because I try to make everything as Australian as possible. I’d rather do that sort of thing than put on makeup and pretend. “ That is what is said! Elsewhere in the news, discover Travis Fimmel’s technique to go incognito to the paparazzi.