Phoebe Tonkin (The Originals) métamorphosée depuis son enfance, ces clichés vont vous faire halluciner

Quand Phoebe Tonkin dévoile des photos d’elle durant son enfance, le changement est plus radical que jamais. Attention, vous allez être surpris.

Ultra heureuse, Phoebe Tonkin a récemment dévoilé une tendre vidéo de son chéri Alex Greenwald sur Instagram. Eh oui, l’interprète d’Hayley dans la série The Originals est sur un petit nuage depuis qu’elle a officialisé sa toute nouvelle relation. Mais ce n’est pas la seule fois où l’actrice a surpris ses abonnés. En 2016, la belle brune de 31 ans avait posté deux photos d’elle enfant : la première sur laquelle elle a un appareil dentaire et d’adorables nattes, sans oublier la seconde où elle porte un joli ruban rouge sur ses cheveux au carré. Des publications qui avaient fait le buzz à l’époque. Et pour cause, la comédienne est totalement méconnaissable sur les images.

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Consciente d’avoir beaucoup changé en grandissant, Phoebe Tonkin ne s’était pas gênée pour se moquer d’elle-même. “Et voici la raison pour laquelle j’ai porté un appareil dentaire pendant deux ans. Quelqu’un recherche une tueuse en série âgée de 6 ans ? Parce que la voici” avait ainsi plaisanté la star du petit écran en légende du deuxième cliché. Dans les commentaires, les internautes s’étaient montrés plus gentils avec la comédienne, en la complimentant sur sa bouille toute mignonne. Des photos qui attendriront certainement les fans. Et pour toujours plus d’actu, sachez que Phoebe Tonkin a autrefois été en couple avec un acteur de Gossip Girl et une star d’Harry Potter.

Are Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans (Avengers Endgame) really real life friends? The truth of their relationship revealed

Are Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Really Friends Off the Set? Here is the answer.

According to the revelations of a director, Robert Downey Jr. is difficult to manage on the set of his films. But what about his attitude with his universe co-stars Marvel ? If we focus on his relationships, we notice that he is very close to Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo or even Gwyneth Paltrow. Professional collaborations that quickly turned into real, sincere friendships. Over the years, the franchise’s comedians have become inseparable. But is this the case between the interpreter of Iron Man and his accomplice on the screen Chris Evans? This is what it really is.

Rest assured, Robert downey jr. and Chris Evans love each other in real life. The two actors maintain a real bromance and are not afraid to make pretty statements on social media. But also great gifts. You may not know it but the one who plays Captain America received a magnificent 1967 Chevrolet Camaro from his colleague. A lovely gesture. There is no doubt that their friendship has not finished delighting their many fans. Just like their complicity. Moreover, the editorial ‘of melty invites you to discover all the times Robert Downey Jr. trolled Chris Evans on the Web.

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Travis Scott dumped by Rihanna because he was too clingy? The unexpected revelations about their breakup

Unexpected but true! Rihanna reportedly dumped Travis Scott because he was way too clingy for her liking. Ouch.

You may not know it but Rihanna, who reconciled with Chris Brown despite her assault, had a very secret romance with Travis Scott. It was during the summer of 2015 that the rapper and the pretty Barbadian succumbed to each other. They also stayed together for a few months. If the interpreter of “Bitch Better Have My Money” has always denied outright, however, she got toast passionately kissing the artist at a party. At the time, their merger did not fail to make fans talk on social networks. But this one did not last. In November of the same year, their adventure ended. The reason ? According to rumors, Stormi’s dad would have been far too possessive with the young woman.

According to information reported by Urban islandz, Rihanna would have put an end to this romance because Travis Scott took it too seriously. “He wanted to be with her every second of the day and even wanted her to travel with him to his concerts. Although she’s flattered that he wanted her attention so much, it became too much for her to handle.. He’s just too clingy so she stopped everything with him “ had thus confessed a source to the media at the time of their separation. Statements to be taken with a grain of salt. Anyway, the two singers have now turned the page of this story and have remained on good terms. For even more info, know that Rihanna is single but not yet ready to register on a dating app.

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Rihanna embarrassed by her past relationship with Travis Scott? A journalist balances

When her relationship with Travis Scott came to light, Rihanna was more embarrassed than ever according to a reporter.

In the summer of 2015, Rihanna dumped Travis Scott because he was too clingy. In any case, this is the noise that runs in Hollywood. The pretty Barbadian would apparently not have supported the rapper’s overly possessive attitude, to the point of putting an end to their budding romance. At the time, it was journalist Lawrence Schlossman who threw the crisp details of their romance into the press. A decision that had greatly annoyed the father of little Stormi. Just like the interpreter of “Diamonds” who would have preferred that their adventure remained a secret. The reason ? She was supposedly ashamed of it!

According to the unexpected confidences of Lawrence Schlossman in his podcast Throwing Fits last May, Rihanna was apparently embarrassed that the whole world would know that she had dated Travis Scott: “Travis was complaining that I unpacked it all, not because he didn’t want it to be known, but because Rihanna was thinking ‘Don’t tell anyone I’m fucking Travis Scott, please.’ Which is very embarrassing. “ Statements which are obviously to be taken with a grain of salt. And for more celebrity news, find out why the relationship between Rihanna and Shia LaBeouf did not work.

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Shannen Doherty (Beverly Hills, 90210) with cancer, her co-star Jason Priestley gives her news

While Shannen Doherty is diagnosed with cancer, Jason Priestley has updated on his co-star.

Last February, Shannen Doherty revealed that she had cancer again. A shock for the star of Charmed who had already conquered the disease for the first time and who thought they were done with the heavy treatments: “My cancer has returned, and that’s why I’m here. It’s a bitter pill to swallow in so many ways. I’m petrified. I’m very scared.” had she confided at the time on the set of Good Morning America. But where is the 49-year-old actress months after news of her cancer return? If she is very discreet and fights the disease with force, one of her former co-stars has finally given her news.

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Jason Priestley that fans know from his portrayal of Brandon Walsh in the series Beverly Hills, 90210 so said more during an interview for Studio 10 on the health of Shannen Doherty with whom he shared the screen for several years. The 51-year-old actor then confessed to having remained close to his playing partner: “The last time I spoke to her she was in a very good mood. Shannen is a really tough girl. She is a fighter and she has always been a fighter, I know she will continue to fight as hard as she can “, a nice proof of friendship that will not fail to boost Shannen Doherty after the support provided by her other former co-star, Brian Austin Green.

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Game of Thrones season 8: 5 hidden easter eggs that will make you see the series differently

We bet you never noticed these surprising easter eggs in the Game of Thrones series!

The seriesHBO will never cease to surprise us! Indeed, the most famous fantasy series of the chain is full of surprising details and other little-known easter eggs. Winks and references disseminated like small gifts and which spice up the analysis of the series made by the fans. This is the case with “Glamdring”, the faithful replica of Gandalf’s sword from the Lord of the Rings that we find hidden among the other melted swords on the Iron Throne. Or with the ominous omen for House Stark spotted in an easter egg from season 7 of Game Of Thrones. Anyway, the showrunners did not skimp on the means to surprise the serivores. The proof !

The cameo of George Bush in Game of Thrones
George Bush’s cameo in Game of Thrones – Credit (s): HBO

George W. Bush’s cameo

We all remember the decapitated head of Ned Stark planted on a pike by order of King Joffrey in the first season. No one noticed, however, the replica of the face of George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, placed among the other severed heads.. A strange cameo that did not please the HBO channel which declared itself deeply shocked, forcing the showrunners to justify themselves. “The head of George Bush appears in a few beheading scenes. It is not a choice, it is not a political statement. We just had to use the heads we had in stock. We are sorry and it will not happen again. more” they admitted.

Jaime Lannister in the Game of Thrones series
Jaime Lannister in the Game of Thrones series – Credit (s): HBO

Tribute to Star Wars

It’s not the easiest wink to find! Yet Jaime Lannister the character invented by George RR Martin is a beautiful tribute to Luke Skywalker. Indeed, the two protagonists share astonishing similarities. Not only did they both have a twin sister as well as an evil father, but they also had their hands cut off. Common points that push some fans of Game Of Thrones to interpret it as a dedication made to the legendary saga Star wars.

The connection between Jon Snow and Daenerys in Game of Thrones
The connection between Jon Snow and Daenerys in Game of Thrones – Credit (s): HBO

The connection between Jon Snow and Daenerys

If we learned the true identity of Jon Snow’s parents in the final episode of season 6, several clues already made it possible to guess it earlier. This is the case of these two mythical scenes of the series which, by mirror effect, respond to each other in ping-pong. The first sequence concerns Jon Snow during the Battle of the Bastards in season 6, when he finds himself buried by the crowd. The second streak puts Daenerys in the middle of her followers in season 3. A powerful visual parallel that confirms that Jon and Daenerys are like “the song of ice and fire, in connection with the novel Song of Fire and Ice by George RR Martin.

Sam and Jon Snow in Game of Thrones
Sam and Jon Snow in Game of Thrones – Credit (s): HBO

The easter egg on Lord of the Rings

A few months ago, we already revealed the existence of a first easter egg on the Lord of the Rings in the series Game Of Thrones. It would therefore seem that the latter is not the only one! Indeed, if in the saga the best friends of Frodo are called Sam and Pip, it is also the case in the series. Yes, Jon Snow’s comrades also call themselves Sam and Pyp. With that no doubt, George RR Martin is a true fan of the literary saga written by Tolkien!

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Oberyn Martell’s brutal defeat

One thing is certain, the actors of Game Of Thrones have a great sense of humor. Teasing fans of the series has also been a guilty pleasure that they liked to indulge from time to time. As proof, the shocking death of Oberyn Martell was flagrantly spoiled by Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister). Indeed, the actress had fun posting, long before the broadcast of season 4, a photo of her and Pedro Pascal reproducing the famous scene of the death of Oberyn Martell.