New Amsterdam in advance of November 22, 2023 on TF1: Max and Veronica at war Follow us

New Amsterdam fans are now following the disagreements between Max and the surly Veronica Fuentes, the resistance of other service practitioners and the arrival of a mysterious patient in New Amsterdam. Warning, spoilers…

So, just to be up to date, and even ahead of time, here is a little summary in advance of episodes 14, 15 and 16 of season 4 which are broadcast on November 15 on TF1 from 9:10 p.m. In episode 14, Max and Helen return to New Amsterdam to mourn the loss of Dr. Kapoor. There, the two realize that the rest of the department has gone to war against Veronica Fuentes. For his part, the hospital chaplain, in the middle of distributing food to homeless people in the company of Max, feels unwell. This was without counting on the son of the late Dr. Kapoor, Rohan, who suffered an overdose. Warning, other spoilers…

New Amsterdam : what happens in episodes 15 and 16 of season 4?

In episode 15, Veronica Fuentes gets Max kicked out of New Amsterdam with the help of security guards. However, he makes her understand that she must resign otherwise he will again and again prevent her from doing her work in the hospital. Because nothing has gone right since she took office and made decisions. But Max is one step ahead: he has a very compromising file on Veronica Fuentes which he entrusts to Karen. In the ward, Dr. Wilder and Castries are faced with a terminally ill patient. In episode 16, Max and Lauren take care of a patient who claims to have fallen in his shower. The rest of the department suffers the blow after a very drunken night in a karaoke bar. There has been no news from Dr. Wilder for some time, which greatly worries Ben. In this more than strange and heavy atmosphere, Leyla announces bad news to Bloom. There’s all this and more in episodes 14, 15 and 16 of the fourth season of New Amsterdam. So, make your medical appointment without further delay on TF1 on November 22, 2023 at 9:10 p.m.

Such great sunshine in advance of Thursday November 16, 2023 on France 2: Sylvio goes too far, Christophe feverish Follow us

Summary of episode 1277Such a big sunbroadcast Thursday November 16 on France 2. Carine talks with Bilal. She accuses him of having thrown away Boris. Of course, he makes mistakes but now he will be fired. Bilal is amazed: he thought he was protected by the hierarchy within L Cosmétiques.

Boris went to welcome a big partner from Belgium. During the discussion with Elizabeth, the latter offers to buy more products from L Cosmétiques but would like a commercial gesture. This negotiation does not work in favor of the company.

In fact, Elisabeth considers that she would sell practically at a loss if she accepted the offer of Norbert Peters. She then adjourns the interview. For his part, Laurent does not hide his concern from Carine and Boris.

He thinks that if Norbert Peters ends up turning to one of their competitors, the market will be colossal for L Cosmétiques. He even fears that turnover will fall critically.

At the same time, Elisabeth tries to motivate the troops and suggests Enric to significantly increase salaries if a target of 8% is reached. The latter finds that he is difficult to reach but Elisabeth lies to him. She assures him that the contract with the Belgians has been renewed.

Later, it is while speaking with Carine that Enric discovers that Elisabeth has gone a little too far. For his part, Boris invites Norbert Peters to the restaurant. After having a few drinks, Boris bluffs and assures that L Cosmétiques will not be able to accept his deal. Norbert Peters confesses. He admits that he has no other deals in progress with a competitor.

Father Sylvio sinks

The father Sylvio can’t help but think about Janet. The latter even goes to her house to see her. Then he sees her in the arms of Clement. He understands that she is in love with her husband and that he has no chance of one day having a relationship with her.

As he watches her, Janet realizes he is there. She calls him later to ask him to stop bothering her. She even mentions the beginnings of harassment. Father Sylvio is ashamed and knows that he has gone very far.

While talking to Christophe, he realizes that he would be better off slipping away for a few days or a few weeks to regain his senses. Its goal ? Erase Janet from your mind so as not to do the irreparable.

For his part, Christopher had murderous impulses towards Cécile but contained himself. While Achilles called her “Mom” for the first time, Christophe becomes aware of the lovely family he has. At the same time, the investigation continues into the florist. Instruction is aimed at doctors but also veterinarians.

Stranger Things: David Harbor teases the end of season 5 Follow us

It took 118 days of negotiations for SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), the union of American actors and actresses, and the studios and streaming platforms to reach an agreement guaranteeing the supervision of the use of AI, but also an increase in the minimum wage of 7% and retirement and health contributions in addition to a “streaming participation bonus”. The strike is over, the production system can finally get back into operation, the stars can resume promoting films and series. Also David Harbor Doesn’t he get asked when he’s asked? news of the finale Stranger Things.

Currently we only have very little information on season 5 from the Duffer Brothers show. A mysterious teaser. At most a few evasive statements. The actor who plays Jim Hopper, Hawkins police chief indulged in one of them during his visit to Motor City Comic Con. Present at the convention, our colleagues from the American media Deadline report that a fan, unaware that season 5 would be the last, questioned him about the possibility of a sixth season. David Harbor responded to him with cryptic remarks. “The beauty of it is thatthere is a real ending. Things will end in a very real way,” proclaimed the one we were able to (re)see at the cinema recently in Gran Turismo.

David Harbor also teases a Stranger Things spin-off

Definitely in spirit, David Harbor also allowed himself a few words about the play derived from Stranger Things, which premieres in London on November 17. The spin-off could take on the narrative arc of the series, although the show is a complete story which will end in the final episode of season 5. Set approximately 25 years before the events shown on Netflix, the piece titled The First Shadow follows the arrival in Hawkins of Henry Creel who discovers “that a new beginning is not so easy… and that the shadows of the past have a very long reach”, can we read on the Phoenix Theater website.

Netflix: a famous French actress clashes with the platform Follow us

It is a scandal that still excites the French more than fifteen years after its revelation. He inspires today a documentary which is in the Top 10 of the most watched original programs on Netflix. Directed by Baptiste Etchegaray and Maxime Bonnet, The Bettencourt Affair : Scandal among the richest woman in the world paints an explosive portrait of the heiress of the L’Oréal family, between manipulations and betrayals linked to her fortune. The documentary mini-series returns in particular to the illegal financing of Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign in the presidential elections or even to his tax evasion.

Questioned by the directors as part of the documentary, Arielle Dombasle delivers a testimony leading. She is in fact the one who introduced François-Marie Banier to Liliane Bettencourt who will pay him a total of 917 million euros in ten years. She again who now attacks Netflix and the production company of the mini-series, Quad Box, both accused of having orchestrated a “staged” Or “it’s all fiction, shortcuts, biases”. “His truncated interventions punctuate the program and put her at the center of an affair of which she was onlyone witness among others“, its representatives specify in a press release.

Netflix is ​​put on notice

In the press release, we also learn thatArielle Dombasle “had demanded, and obtainedthat Production grants him the possibility of reviewing his testimony so that she validates the editing of her remarks and their insertion in the program”. “She sincerely hoped, based on the written promises of the production, that her testimony would serve a truth, honesty and objectivity completely absent from the final product,” add its representatives. ” Victim […] of a fictionalized masquerade » And ” of a lie”, the actress declares having served notice on Netflix and Quad Box “so that the truth is revealed about the fraudulent use of his testimony, which causes him both material and moral harm.” To be continued!

Wednesday: we finally know the filming date for season 2 Follow us

We no longer present Wednesday Addamsdaughter of the family of freaks the best known in America, dark Pippi Longstocking, follower of cynicism and fanatic of instruments of torture. We no longer present, either, Wednesdayspin-off of The Addams Family and cardboard Netflixcarried by the revelation Jenna Ortega. The first season of the show, released at the end of 2022, was a huge success for the famous platform in addition to a real viral phenomenon on social networks. But what about a season 2? This is still pending. The recent – and legitimate – Hollywood strikes have not helped matters. But good news: we finally know the start date of filming Wednesday season 2 !

In fact, the filming of the second season of Wednesday will begin in spring 2024 in Europe. American media Deadline reports, more precisely, that the first shots of the Netflix series will begin end of April. The production sets down its suitcases -and its cameras- in Ireland. A new filming location as confirmed by Deadline, after Romania for the first season of Wednesday. For the moment, despite this new information regarding the filming of season 2, the platform has not yet disclosed an official broadcast date. We will have to wait a little longer to discover the issues – and new images – of Wednesday season 2. But we already know a little about what happens next

Wednesday : a corpse in the closet for the Netflix series

Several months ago, Jenna Ortega, in person, said in an interview that season 2 of Wednesday would be more focused on horror than romance. An obvious choice for gothic fans – or not – of the heroine dressed in black. However, we almost expected a rosewater story at the Twilight facing certain scenes a little cheesy from the first season. This is a little reassuring for all spectators allergic to candy pink sentimentality. It must be said that this is not at all the style of the Addams house. Nor Wednesday. If we know nothing about the new plots or about new characters, the production nevertheless had to part ways with an actor. Percy Hynes, who played Xavier Thorpe on screen, was fired from the series. The reason ? Several sexual assaults against him. Netflix has therefore decided to quickly get rid of this “corpse in the closet”. The actor, for his part, proclaimed his innocence on social networks with a press release in support. It remains to be seen how the production of Wednesday will make the character of Xavier disappear from the show. But one thing is certain, he will not be in season 2 of Wednesday on Netflix.

Here it all starts in advance of Wednesday November 15, 2023 on TF1: Carla reveals the truth, Clotilde lies Follow us

Summary of episode 796 ofHere it all beginsbroadcast Wednesday November 15 on TF1. Jasmine (Zoï Séverin) is always concerned about the balance between her career as a chef and her life as a mother. The young woman must give up a revision session with Thibault (Félix Pacaut) and Jimmy (Joan Becmont).

She had in fact planned to participate in a musical awareness workshop with Nael to the nursery. She must make a choice. At the moment, she prefers to focus on her relationship with her son whom she has not seen for a month, because of her mission in Shanghai.

The chef Guinot (Catherine Marchal) notices his absence. The latter questions Thibault. The young student explains Jasmine’s hesitations to him. Claire decides to speak with Jasmine. She explains to him that she was able to pursue her career while raising her son, Louis.

The young chef can do the same, she’s sure. However, Jasmine no longer feels any pleasure in cooking. She only thinks about her son and no longer feels any enthusiasm. The boss offers him to join the brigade of Salome (Aurélie Pons) in her concept of a restaurant without a menu.

Jasmine accepts! For his part, Thibault asks Jim to be more tender with the latter. She needs support and certainly not his judgments. He promises his brother to make an effort.

Clotilde lies to Joachim

Joachim realizes that Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini) is working with Mark (Stéphane Blancafort) on his seminar project with Master’s students. He really likes his concept of hybrid cuisine.

But Joachim notices something that bothers him: Clotilde chose to be helped by Marc and not by him. The boss tries to explain to him that he invited himself into her work session and that he helped her a lot. Joachim has difficulty accepting his explanations. He is jealous.

While he asks Clotilde if anything has ever happened between Marc and her, she lies and assures him that no. For his part, Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) does not think Clotilde capable of energizing the Master’s students. He would prefer it to be him who leads the seminar.

Carla unpacks the truth

Carla (Aaricia Lemaire) and Souleymane (Dembo Camilo) have a conversation. She explains to him that she pushed him aside for fear of hurting him by talking about the search for his own biological parents. Unfortunately, the issue is no longer on the agenda.

Her birth record was destroyed in a flood. She also explains to him that she sees him as a brother and not as a boyfriend. If he suffers the blow, Souleymane shows elegance and listens to his needs.

Carla’s parents leave the Institute, they thank Anthony (Frédéric Diefenthal) for his great kindness. One last element bothers them: Carla is going to experience her pregnancy at boarding school, which is not the most comfortable.

Antoine then offers to welcome her into his home, still thinking that she is in a relationship with Souleymane. Carla accepts. While Antoine is delighted to soon become a grandfather, Carla sets things straight: this whole story with Souleymane was a lie…

Netflix: Internet users SHOCKED by this documentary series based on a true story Follow us

After Gregory And the Fourniret affairit’s another documentary series that arouses the curiosity of users Netflix. To know The Bettencourt Affair: scandal among the richest woman in the world. A mini series based on a true story which traces the life and journey of one of the most powerful and influential women in France, Liliane Bettencourt. She is notably the heir of Eugène Schueller, founder of the group L’Oreal. Now a shareholder for the group, his fortune amounts to several billion dollars. In 2016, she was even ranked as the 11th richest person in the world according to the magazine Forbes.

You will have understood, the life of Liliane Bettencourt keen. And the documentary-series from Netflix, broadcast over three episodes, was the most watched series this Monday, November 13. Particularly because it reveals behind the scenes and behind the scenes of this life full of glitter, in reality filled with family and government conflicts. Not counting an operation of ftax levy of several hundred million euros. A story that is of particular interest to Internet users, who were happy to binge-watch the documentary series and comment on it on social networks. And we can say it, The Bettencourt Affair truly shocked the web! Between fraud, manipulation, money, abuse of power… users Netflix were scandalized by the life of this woman.

Netflix users in shock

Quickly, there were many reactions on the web. Shocked by the documentary series The Bettencourt Affair, Internet users gave their clear opinions. And we can say it, this mini-series Netflix shocked more than one! “The story of Liliane Bettencourt broke my heart. Like what, all the money in the world doesn’t necessarily make you happythere are only people with bad intentions around you”, can we read on X, formerly Twitter. Or : “The ‘docu’ on Bettencourt, the rich take us too much for idiots”, “But it makes me angry how EVERYTHING around Bettencourt abused her. It makes me so sad, that rats around her”, “I’m looking at the Bettencourt affair, it’s too crazy”“Omg the new documentary on Bettencourt, the money shocks me too much”. Mixed opinions of course, but just as surprised as each other in the face of the documentary’s revelations Netflix. Who will be the next personality to be highlighted?

Pokémon: this revelation about Pikachu’s real first name will blow your mind Follow us

What if we told you, right now, in 2023, that Pikachu has a real first name? What if we told you, right now, in 2023, that Pikachu has a French first name ? What if we told you, right now, in 2023, that Pikachu is actually called Jean-Luc ? Yes, yes, you read that right. And no, we didn’t force ourselves on the red wine before 6:30 p.m. Pikachu, the favorite pokemon of Sasha, from Bourg-Palette, is actually called Jean-Luc. Well almost. Explanations

In fact, to know the true identity of Pikachu, you have to reread the spin-off manga Pokémon – The Electric Tale of Pikachu signed Toshihiro Ono. A Japanese comic book released at the end of 90sright during the wave Pokémania in Japan then in France then in the rest of the world. A work which takes up the characters of the original work but without being part of the cannon of the cult franchise. In this manga, Pikachu’s real first name is revealed by Ash himself. And it turns out that Pikachu is not called Pika or even Chu-Chu… But Jean-Luc! Nothing to do with a famous French politician, however. The wink lies elsewhere. In a galaxy far, far away. Or almost.

Pokemon : Pikachu’s real first name is a tribute to Star Trek

Thus, in two brief boxes of The Electric Tale of Pikachuthe pokemon trainer decides to call his favorite little monster Jean-Luc. Not in homage to Mélenchon, but to Jean-Luc Picard, an eminent character in the franchise Star Trekplayed by Sir Patrick Stewart. When Sacha renames Pikachu to Jean-Luc, he stands to attention, a badge from theEnterprisefamous ship of the crew of Star Trek, clinging to his chest. A gag that has faded a bit over the years. Especially since the Pokémon brand is today a gigantic breeding ground for several generations – and evolutions – of pocket monsters and many derivative products. The Electric Tale of Pikachuspin-off manga from Pokemonhas now fallen completely into disuse in the depths of the Internet. But this little anecdote for a big revelation could well raise the rating of the famous book. And make it a rare item, who knows?

Terminator: enigmatic teaser for the Netflix anime Follow us

He’ll be back. Terminator finds a new lease of life on Netflix. The famous platform has just unveiled a first teaser all in mystery. A brief video in the form of an announcement of the return of the famous robot played on screen by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The difference with the rest of the cult saga? This is a anime.

In fact, this teaser is the promise of a future meeting between the Terminator and the Netflix platform, between anime fanatics and aficionados of the saga initiated by James Cameron. Enough to forget the bad episodes of the past saga The Rising of the Machines in 2023? Everything is possible. But the prospect of diving into the Terminator mythology in anime increases our curiosity about this project that comes out of nowhere. Or almost.

Terminator : the robot soon back on Netflix

So, Terminator – The Anime Series pays for a teaser to increase the sauce. Or rather a non-teaser. Because there is (almost) nothing to sink your teeth into in this video of a few seconds. We can see a sentence written in Japanese then its translation into English: “There is no fate”. Understand, in the language of Molière, “There is no destiny.” Okay, the tone is set straight away. We expect the Terminator to arrive, just to make the viewer salivate a little more. But no. This is followed by the box stamped Netflix. We then understand that this is a Terminator anime coming very soon to the famous platform. And then… And then that’s it. No visual, no teaser in the teaser. Only clue: the studio GI production. A somewhat reassuring name, for connoisseurs, since they have overseen Attack on Titan. A very popular anime for a handful of years, in particular thanks to its clever artistic direction and its Dantesque visuals. Another downside, however, is that Netflix does not communicate the release date of the future program either. We will have to be patient in the present. And for the future.

The Scott Brothers: big dose of nostalgia for the 20th anniversary reunion of the show Follow us

That’s it, The Scott brothers celebrated its 20th birthday! This sounds crazy but the very first episode of teen show American was broadcast in 2003. That’s almost exactly 20 years ago. Or a tiny piece of life. 20 years old and all his teeth, The Scott brothers established itself as a cult series year after year, generation of spectators after generation of spectators. 20 years ! For the occasion, the distribution of Scott Brothers found herself at the filming location to celebrate the event with great fanfare. A reunion against the backdrop of a Kodak moment.

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Fact, Sophia Bush And Hilarie Burton, respectively Brooke Davis And Peyton Sawyer in the series, photographed this anthology moment immortalizing the 20 years of Scott Brothers. Obviously, it brings a little tear to our eye, nostalgia obliges, as well as a big shovel in the teeth. More … than Chad Michael Murraya.k.a Luke, BG of the show, which ages like good wine. And who still has the same devastating smile as two decades ago. But who was there for this Wilmington alumni reunion?

The Scott brothers : this reunion of the 20 years of the show will make you nostalgic

So, almost all of them were in the “party”. Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton, therefore, the two friends before the Lord who co-host a podcast. But also Chad Michael Murray or even James Lafferty. A great meeting for these actresses and actors, but also, ultimately, for fans of the show who are still numerous despite the end of the series more than ten years ago. The photos of this reunion caused a lot of noise on the social network Instagram. And which were relayed by many fans of the series. A true celebration of friendship that exudes sincerity, far from certain reunions of old stars of American television. Only shadow in the trombinoscope: Bethany Joy Lenzwho embodied Haley In The Scott brothers, would not have shown up for this little meeting between friends. Damage !