After a relatively quiet start to the year for Sony, things are slowly but surely starting to pick up speed for the Japanese firm, which will be welcoming new and highly anticipated titles in the coming months. After Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores next month, the PS5 will indeed welcome a new exclusive of weight with Final Fantasy XVI, which has not failed to make people talk about it in recent weeks. And today, Square-Enix has excellent news for us about him.

Final Fantasy XVI has officially gone gold

“Final Fantasy XVI has gone gold” revealed the studio on its social media. In other words, three months before its official release, the development of the game is now complete. Beyond meaning that there should – theoretically – be no carryover into the future, this will therefore above all allow the teams to spend the next few weeks fine-tuning the result in order to offer players an experience that truly lives up to their expectations. And we can say that there are many expectations vis-à-vis this new opus.

Fortunately, if we trust the first previews that fell on it, Final Fantasy XVI seems on track to satisfy fans of the license. Lately, Square Enix has not hesitated to reveal many additional elements about it, whether by offering us a glimpse of its world, a taste of its lifespan or even information on how which it will harness the power of the PS5. Moreover, the studio has confirmed that a demo will see the light of day in the weeks leading up to its release.

As a reminder, Final Fantasy XVI is expected on June 22, 2023 exclusively on PS5.


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