After presenting its 23rd Legend, Catalyst, through its traditional story trailer, here isApex Legends officially unveils its 5th map. Named Broken Moon, it takes place on Cleo, moon of the planet Boreas. Lovers of lore will remember that she was pulverized by a comet when Seer was born. A prophetic coincidence according to the inhabitants. The government of Boreas seeks to terraform Cleo to stabilize her so that she doesn’t crumble into a meteor shower. Trapped in a giant stasis net, it was sold back to the Syndicate as an Apex Games arena to fund its reconstruction. It results a motley cardbetween greenery, desert and residential areas.

Broken Moon: a map that aims for dynamism

Broken moon is crossed from side to side by rails, kinds of ziplines on steroids. They make it possible to speed up rotations between points of interest, but are very predictable, because their trajectory is fixed. Respawn hopes to promote mid-game clashes, which were too sporadic on their previous map. Storm area. More generally, the developer wishes regulate the rhythm of matches, encouraging players to land on the outer rim before progressing inside. Rails will add spice in there.

Broken Moon map in Apex Legends

The terraformed points of interest are very bucolic

About points of interestknow that they will be 16 in number. A small amount compensated by the size of the zones, much larger than usual. This should allow teams to land and find gear without breaking a sweat before hostilities begin. It should still densify the middle of the game, with, on average, more teams still alive, and better armed. Don’t worry if you like narrow cutthroats: a handful of cramped points of interest will satisfy the twirling maniacs.

Shattered Moon will be playable as soon as Eclipse Season 15 is released. You can find the exhaustive description of its points of interest on the official blog (in English). At the same time, we are still waiting for more information on the skills of Catalyst, the next Legend to join the ranks.


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