A new Nintendo Direct dedicated to first party games very soon? The rumors are getting more and more insistent, and drop some names of games that could well raise the hype …

In recent months, we have had a few Directs from Nintendo, but we must admit that it was not really what the fans expected: several Indie World Showcases (like last week’s one, full of info), an 8-minute Nintendo Direct Mini, partner showcases. .. If all these presentations have provided a lot of information and great things to look forward to for the coming months, everyone is expecting a real Nintendo Direct dedicated to Nintendo’s First Party games, and for quite a few weeks now.. So inevitably, as soon as we have the slightest rumor going in this direction, the internet ignites. And that’s exactly what happened on the night of August 22-23.

A new trailer for Zelda BoTW 2?
A new trailer for Zelda BoTW 2? – Credit (s): Nintendo

So, a recognized leaker and insider named Jeff Grubb was able to launch the info yesterday: we would be entitled to a new Nintendo Direct from next Friday, namely August 28. If he calls for attention (not excluding the possibility that it is a Partner Showcase for example), he still indicates that “plenty of evidence points to a general Nintendo Direct being held next week“. And it is not the only one to go in this direction: another leaker named Setanta on Twitter answered quite a few specific questions about this potential Nintendo Direct. And if we summarize things that the we learn thanks to him, we learn in particular that we should discover a new trailer for Zelda Breath of The Wild 2, new info on Metroid Prime 4, the revelation of two Mario Remastered games (including Super Mario 3D World Deluxe), a new Kirby game, and the presentation of ‘a new character for Smash Bros. He also indicates that this Nintendo Direct should last about 40 minutes. Of course, so far, we are only facing a rumor and nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo so we must be careful with this information, pending confirmation from the main party.. But we must admit that it makes you dream!


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