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“You’re shit”: Master Gims loses his means and clashes violently Booba


Between Booba and Master Gims, it’s war. Through their interposed networks, the two rappers clash violently. However, at one time, although distant (in the 2010s), the two men were rather close. They had even collaborated together on the track Aheadreleased in 2012. However, as Maître Gims explained in one of his very long stories, this Tuesday, July 12, a video in which he denounced streaming would be the cause of their estrangement. Since then, it’s been war and Gims has decided to settle accounts with Booba.

If the interpreter of Bella is often scratched by the Duke of Boulogne on Twitter, Gims delivered the bottom of his thought, and it hurts. ” You’ve been waiting for this answer for five years. Here I am going to give you this answer“, he began, after sharing an article explaining the cancellation of Booba’s performance on July 16 during the Nîmes festival. Then, for long minutes, he addressed the rapper… And all the bird words came out.

Gims: “You’re a rat”

Gims broke the silence and slammed his rival on all subjects. ” You don’t scare anyone. You never scared anyone and you can’t cross me (…) you’re terrified, you’re in a ball at home. You’re in your KO villa that we’ve never seen“, he notably swung, before treating him of “ rat” , of ” victim“, or even of ” sh*t“.

He also attacked Booba’s physique, which for him is just a ” shell“. ” Don’t be fooled by its size, the muscles it’s all knockout. It’s just bullshit“, he assured, before adding: “ A real psychologist will tell you that it’s a shell. It fills a void. This guy is not happy and his only escape is these forms of clashes. It piques his interest. It means we watch it. That’s what you are, you’re scared. You are rotting in a rat hole. you are a rat. »

Unstoppable, Gims continued his momentum, and subsequently targeted his career, which he says ” completed and even his money. This war between Booba and Master Gims seems far from over and we are awaiting the response of the Duke of Boulogne.



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