After multiple leaks and a first officialization for the Xbox Series S, the time has finally come for Microsoft to announce the price, the release date as well as that of the pre-orders for its two next-gen consoles.

That’s it, we can finally say: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be officially available worldwide on November 10, 2020. Players will be able to pre-order the consoles starting September 22. And thanks to the subscription service Xbox All Access available in France, you can get one of the two machines as well as 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from € 24.99 per month. Another good news is theEA Play joining the Xbox Game Pass very soon, with 60 games from Electronic Arts. As for the prices, it will save € 499.99 for the Xbox Series X and € 299.99 for the S version.

Xbox Series X / S
Xbox Series X / S

All information is displayed on the official Xbox website, who takes the opportunity to give you details about the newly unveiled Xbox Series S: “A new generation console 100% digital and designed to offer all the features at the heart of what will be this next generation of video games – faster load times, improved frame rates, richer, more immersive worlds – all in our most compact Xbox “. An ideal machine for the smallest budgets. So when is the info on the Sony console for? In the meantime, we invite you to consult our editorial PS5: An imminent announcement for 100 euros less than the Xbox Series X?


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