What better way to end the week than killing Nazis with a shovel? Faced with this evidence, the Epic Games Store offers to take a tour in the most total anachrony with Wolfenstein: The New Order, the new free game this week. Offered as part of its summer sales, Bethesda’s title is downloadable from now until June 9for all those who have an account on the digital store.

This is the 3rd FPS to be offered on Epic’s platform, after the collection of Bioshock remasters last week and Borderlands 3 just before. It’s unclear if the guy in charge of promotions at Epic is an absolute shooter buff, but the momentum has been pretty darn good for the past few weeks.

Killing a Nazi becomes free in Wolfenstein: The New Order

A little reminder if, by chance, this reboot of the id Software saga has escaped you for the past 8 years. Wolfenstein: The New Order is a reinterpretation of the FPS mythos, once again featuring the taciturn BJ Blazkowicz in a new adventure in alternate Germany, conquered on both sides by Nazi forces.

Where Wolfenstein 3D cast aside all great narrative consideration for its right-angled, all-hallway levels, The New Order explores the lore of this Axis-threatened universe, with a story of revenge spanning several years. . The title was entitled to a sequel, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus in 2017, as well as a spin-off, Wolfenstein: Youngblood in 2019.


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