Sexion d’Assaut truly marked an entire generation, particularly the 2000s. With iconic titles like Wati By Night, sorry or My direction, fans were left heartbroken when the rap group broke up. But good news! The group recently reformed on the occasion of a special event tour in June. What ignite the canvas and the fans who were excited at the idea of ​​​​finding Gims, Barack Adama, Lefa, Maska, Doomams, JR O Crom and Black M reunited. But unfortunately, it was the last reunion. For good reason, last May, a new album had been announced and was highly anticipated by fans. In a recent interview with RTL, gims revealed that this project will never see the light of day.

“It was moving because it was the last Sexion d’Assaut tour. […] It was the last, we know there will never be again. The last time we all meet on stage”, he begins by explaining. The singer revealed a little more later on RTL about the highly anticipated album Return of the Kings. “It won’t happen eventually. It was so complicated. We left with a success. It was The Apogee. We sold over a million. Putting the belt back into play after a course like that, you have to think about it. With this tour, it allowed us to see that in the end it is better that we stop there. It’s wiser”entrusts gims. A huge disappointment for fans of LaSexion d’Assaut and all the members of the group, who impatiently awaited their return.

“There was not the same magic”

The Scrapbook Return of the Kingswhich was to go on sale on May 14, never saw the light of day. gims adds on RTL: “Was there always the same chemistry? Do we still want so much? Are we doing it for the right reasons? Or do we do it to say it’s Sexion d’Assaut, we’re still here etc? Why are we doing all this? These are all these questions that have made this project not released today. It had been recorded. We didn’t agree on all the sounds. There was not the same magic. And it was out of the question to take such a big risk.. The answer is clear: the Sexion d’Assaut should not reform anytime soon. Each member has made his way and his career. No turning back possible. So, disappointed?


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