The servers are becoming depopulated to the point that there are not enough players to defend the cities against attacks from NPCs, forcing Amazon to regroup empty servers.

Honestly, we are not going to lie to each other, when the Amazon Games studio announced its MMORPG New World, many players were particularly intrigued by what the teams were going to come up with. The trailers promised us something grand and we almost dreamed of a new contender worthy of the name for World of warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. However, the problems kept piling up when the game was released and many players ultimately did not find the Eldorado they expected. And with hindsight, we realize that finally New World is really struggling to find its audience.

Servers that don’t hold up

Very concretely, when you buy a game, you don’t expect to have to wait several days or have to test several servers to be able to test your new purchase. And yet that’s what happened with New World. The game is certainly not the only one to have made this mistake, but coming from a company like Amazon, known to have the best servers in the world, it’s still quite laughable. Because yes, waiting long hours to be able to hope to play, it’s still quite repulsive and annoying. I remember that some players even said on social media that they were launching the game before going to work to make sure they could play when they got home as some had also done when they released. World of Warcraft Classic.

An economy that does not hold water

Beyond offering particularly redundant quests as I told you about in my test, the game has seen its entire economy collapse recently. In question ? The difficulty at high level to recover money. Indeed, when you play an MMORPG, you expect to generate enough gold to be able to invest in equipment, material or even ancillary objects such as a house in the case of New World. Recently, the gaming economy has collapsed and therefore the prices of items are totally in free fall in recent weeks.

This situation turns out to be problematic since in the end the economy is left in the hands of the players who have created an annex economy based on barter. It was also a real subject of debate on Reddit when the incident occurred. While the problem can be quite grimy, it can lead to other secondary issues such as the high cost of some of the resources needed to craft items. This could, in fine, imply that the craft industry is completely neglected by the players or that the latter are unable to repair the items they already have in their possession..

Players leave the ship

But what is most serious for New World it is the fact that more than half of the players have left the game for other licenses. We have come to a point where some servers are so deserted, that the players still present are not numerous enough to face the assaults of the NPCs on the cities. This situation has therefore forced the Amazon Games studio to merge empty or almost empty servers so that the gaming experience is less impacted by these departures, which can be explained by various factors.

First of all, Amazon took a long time to react to solve the problem of accessibility when launching the game. In addition, when you are at a low level, the quests are particularly redundant. You have to go kill wolves here and there, then they are zombies. You have to go pick plants, break rocks, catch fish, etc. Personally, I was very curious to play New World, I who am rather a follower of World of warcraft. I needed to see something other than Azeroth or Oribos and in addition, I was not alone in wanting to leave on this novelty more than intriguing. Indeed, there were two of us and, quite frankly, I think that sweetened my experience.

But from you to me I was going on New World without a specific objective. Only to spend a little moment of relaxation without having to think too much and in the end, that’s what I missed in this game. I didn’t really have a goal and I spent a lot of time picking plants or break rock. And let’s face it, these are not the activities that one looks for in an MMORPG. Generally, in this kind of game, we want to go to the dungeon as a team, advance in the story or do PVP. Except that, you see, if you are low level, these activities, you can quickly forget them, the majority of the teams are rather high level. And best of all, the gaming community is not very healthy.

And yes, the community in New World is not the caring community I was hoping for. I got used to that of WOW which is not known for its gentleness, understanding, etc. Quite the contrary. But there, clearly, I was not ready. Maybe I always arrived at the wrong time, but I regularly saw insults, threats in the chat and I must admit that it particularly cooled me. The worst being when I wanted to join a guild. I wanted to take some information and I was just told “Come to Discord straight away in vocal”. And when I refused, I was simply insulted. My opinion is not that of everyone, but personally my experience on New World was rather negative, I definitely did not find my account for all the reasons mentioned above and I find that a shame, because the game seemed to have enormous potential.


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