For those who don’t know, Harry Styles concerts are known to hold their share of surprises. We remember that almost a year ago, he had helped a fan to come out on the stage of Wembley stadium or even the launch of nuggets in August at Madison Square Garden. This week, another surprise, while the “Love On Tour” has been launched since May 13, the singer received the most unexpected of questions while performing in Coventry.

As usual, the “Satellite” singer took the time to interact with her fans in the crowd and read some of the posters within reach. But one in particular challenged the former member of One Direction: choosing the first name of a future baby.

@alicebackham Harry Styles helps a woman name her unborn baby that’s due that day 🥲 #Harry Styles #loveontour ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

Harry Styles: dilemma for a first name

It was on a handmade sign that the British star was able to read a sentence that was surprising to say the least: “ The baby is for today! Chose his first name? Please “. The author, a young woman, then hastened to give a little more context, indicating in particular that her cat was called Zayn and her dog Louis, so it was impossible for her to call her son Harry.

After hearing the instructions, the singer tried some suggestions based on advice from fans: We got a Jimmy around here “, before turning to another spectator to ask him his first name:” We have Tate here, would you like Tate to pick your baby’s name? “. At the not very playful look of the future mother, the singer quickly abandoned the idea before proposing in a mischievous tone: “ Why not call him…Harry? » before joining the main stage with a laugh. A pretty joke that unfortunately does not solve the dilemma of the first name. It is up to her, therefore, to make the final choice.


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