The classic of American cinema West Side Story will be entitled to a remake under the direction of Steven Spielberg. In order to bring this love story back to the big screen, the filmmaker chose Ansel Elgort (Our Faulty Stars, Baby Driver…) and Rachel Zegler, soon expected in Shazam! Fury of the gods. The two actors will play Maria and Tony and will take over roles once played by Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer. Like the latter before them, the actors will fall in love in front of the filmmaker’s camera to whom we owe in recent years. Ready Player One (2018) and Pentagon Papers (2017).

Nevertheless, their romance will be quickly thwarted by the rivalry which animates the two rival gangs of the West districts of New York, the Jets and the Sharks. These clans provoke and clash constantly and we understand, thanks to the unveiled trailer, that this risks placing Tony and Maria at the heart of a complicated dilemma. The trailer was also an opportunity to dive back into the 1950s, in its sets, its costumes but also in its songs. For his first musical, Steven Spielberg therefore tackles a monument of the seventh art. Judging by these new images, the director has chosen to remain faithful to the original work, however, by modernizing it. A mixture that should appeal to moviegoers as well as the most novice, and which will be to be discovered on December 8, 2021 in French cinemas. Until then, we’ll let you (re) discover our verdict of the film Where we come from, the musical comedy produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda.


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