Wejdene has just released the music video for his track “16 ou pas”.

Since the release of his title “Anissa”, Wejdene a hit! It’s simple, it’s impossible not to know her! Not long ago we had the chance to meet her and we shared with you our exclusive interview with Wejdene who confided in her title Reflect, her reissue 16 or not, her true age … And precisely, in speaking of its reissue, the singer has just unveiled a new clip! This is his title “I love you crazy”. If you missed it, we put it right below it. We let you discover it and we will talk about it again in the rest of this article.

The clip of “I love you phew” was realized by Feuneu and for a first realization it is downright successful! We discover the more love, romantic and calm side of Wejdene as is the case in the lyrics of the title. At melty we love this sound a lot and we can’t wait to see if it will clip other songs from its reissue … While waiting to know more we suggest you take a look at the top albums and singles of the week with Djadja & Dinaz who are in the lead, Dua Lipa who climbed several places, Eddy de Pretto who made a good entry and many other twists.


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