Wejdene confided in us in our video interview La Dalle, we are talking about it right here.

It is the phenomenon of the moment, Wejdene connects the titles and the successes and she recently answered all our questions for our format La Dalle. The singer started music when she was 15 with her debut music video titled “I wait” before making a hit with his tube “Anissa” that everyone knows. The song now has more than 82 million views on Youtube, a real success! But Wejdene does not intend to stop there since she has just released the reissue of her album 16 with Jul and Hatik in featurings, we have reviewed it for you. Entitled 16 or not, this reissue once again casts doubt on its age. But we finally have the answer!

Wejdene is indeed 16 years old. The singer explains the mystery around it: “When I started I was afraid that my age would be a drag”, she adds that she was afraid that people would not listen to her music because of her young age. For the rest, the interpreter of “Coco” explains to be eager to be able to perform on stage to really realize his success, but she wants to reassure her fans: “But even when I’m going to do scenes I’ll keep my feet on the ground don’t worry!” Indeed, during the singer’s live performances, no public was allowed as for the NRJ Music Awards or during her Planète Rap in which she had invited Ronisia, the new singer of the moment whose we invite you to discover our interview. exclusive.

Credit: Melty


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