How to survive a festival? Follow our valuable advice and you will have no problems.

The festival season is finally here! If Booba is in full preparation for We Love Green 2019 with his Arc-en-ciel Challenge, melty has decided to give you some advice so as not to be caught off guard during these summer days thanks to this special #Soundcheck. Because yes, we are a bit the Bear Grylls of these musical events. We Love Green, Fnac Live, Lollapalooza Paris, Rock en Seine … Whichever festival you choose, we hope that this short guide will help you to avoid the bad experiences that are unfortunately often there.

Choose your festival:

It may sound silly but to start you have to choose your festival. Rather rock? Rather R’n’B? Rather metal or pop? There is something for everyone, whether in France or elsewhere. For example, if you’re trendy Coachella atmosphere made in Paris, we suggest you go to We Love Green in honor of our playlist of the week. If you are looking for a real festival experience, Rock en Seine is for you since you can camp there. On the other hand, if you want to chill after a day of work, we advise you to Fnac Live Festival from 3 to 5 July in the heart of Paris where the crème de la crème of the best French-speaking artists parade on the stage of the Hôtel de Ville.

We look at the weather:

The basic thing when you start to prepare for a festival is to see what the weather will be like during the festivities. Whatever the weather, we prefer clothes that overlap. Yes, it can be very hot during the day but once night falls, the temperature differences can be felt. If it rains: k-way and plastic bag will be your best friends.

Good shoes:

One of the most important things in festivals (yes even if it’s in Paris and not in a field): comfortable and resistant shoes. Whether you trample on the spot or you are more in the style of launching yourself into pogos, resistant shoes will make the difference during these long days.

We stay hydrated:

The main thing in festivals is to stay hydrated. A simple aluminum bottle, a gourd or a tank backpack like the CamelBack is a perfect choice for this kind of event. Yes, we are pretty green at melty.

Safety first :

If you are not a fan of large crowds, we advise you to watch the concerts from the left or right of the stage. Yes, festival-goers tend to cluster in the center in several rows, leaving the sides free. It is also an opportunity to have your eyes everywhere because unfortunately many sexual assaults take place during festivals as we have been telling you about for several months on #Soundcheck. So take care of yourself during these days, take care of your friends and have fun as mine, the back to school will arrive very quickly.

Survival kit (checklist to be made before each festival):

  • A good sunscreen
  • Sun glasses
  • Refreshing wipes
  • Hand sanitizing gel
  • Ear plugs
  • A flashlight (for those who stay at the campsite)
  • A first aid kit / toiletries (dressings, tampons or sanitary towels, paracetamol, etc.)
  • Handkerchief packages
  • An external battery for your smartphone


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